Continuing with the ‘best of 2012’ theme, I decided to round up several of my pictures from my Deviant Art, Antimatter-Radius: 

Be sure to check them out, share them, and maybe favourite them if you’re a DA member. Also, check out (and perhaps buy :3) some of my prints:


‘Blind Turns’

‘Fighters All In 2012’

‘P4A- Let’s Go Izanagi!’

‘BB Extend Ragna- Profile Edit’

‘P4A- Brilliant, Artemisia!’

‘P4A – P-1 Grand Prix: Yu vs Aigis’

‘This May Not Last Long…’

‘And The Journey’

‘Catch It As It Goes’

‘Lars/Jin – Pandora Tomorrow’

‘My Tekken Tag 2 Chars’

‘Don’t Chase The Trend’

‘Maybe We’ll Meet Again’

‘With You ~’

‘There’s More Adventure’

‘See Better’

‘BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma – All Chars Wallpaper’

I hope you liked some of these, all of them are available on my Deviant Art account, and you can buy some of them as prints!! Like, share, favourite and all that =]