-My Dead Space 3 Event Experience-

I went to the Dead Space 3 lock in event at GAME and all I got was this lowsy t-shirt!!! *SwiftRage*
2013-01-06 21.07.27


No but seriously the event was decent. Free drink, free pizza, got to talk to a couple of guys who all shared very similar interests in games. We talked about alot of stuff, from Crysis to Resident Evil, from Bayonetta to Halo 4. And of course we talked about Dead Space => I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about the game in detail, and I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures, but I can say this;
Dead Space 3 is DA SHIT. It’s pretty much along the lines of Dead Space 2, with all of the same features but with new additions such as crouching and rolling (though I didn’t know how to roll). The section we got to play was intense, immediately in your face, enemies popping up damn near everywhere, and alot of the same fixing and moving stuff which has happened since the first Dead Space game. I can’t wait to play the public demo and I’m looking forward to playing the full game, probably gonna rent it. If ya wanna know what happened in the game in detail you’ll probably have to ask me directly ;p That’s pretty much it, and I’m probably gonna go to the next lock in event which will be for God of War: Ascension, looking forward to that too!!


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