-A Look Back At Some Of My Old Blogger Posts-

Soul T

As a way of at least remembering my old blog I decided to read through each post and pick out excerpts that I thought were pretty good from back then; either they made me laugh or surprised me with what I said. Either way, check out some of the stuff I said back in the day (and if I use parentheses like [ ] then it’s the current me talking now the excerpt)

‘Wanted was fun. I went from 2000-3000g cause of that.’ [amazing, back when I had 3000g, crazy cause now I have 61,000)

‘If anything took the cake; and i mean busted in through your window, knifed your cat, took the cake while runnin, the dived out your kitchen window, THEN threw in a flashbang; it would be the ENDING!!!!!!’ [referring to the ending of ‘The Mist’ film by Stephen King. what i wrote made me crease]

‘I’ve looked at quite a few videos so far, and got a few of the character’s themes. Ragna; main character, and my Facebook and MSN display pictures, is quite the cool character. A ‘bit’ like Sol-Badguy, only he has an actual sword, which seems to have a shotgun at the top of it. A ‘gunblade’ if you will. His theme music is legend; Rebellion, which in comparison to Keep Yourself Alive II, Sol’s theme, isn’t ‘better’, but different. Different good that is =)’ [wow, to think way back then the first BlazBlue wasn’t even out. Man I sure do miss CT, haha]

‘, i don’t usually go for sandbox madness like rampaging around in GTA, but THIS IS MY SANDBOX. It’s like giving an angry 12 year old and AK-47, and setting him loose in a playground full of bullies. It’s GREAT. (and this was for comical purposes only, please i imply no criminal intent whatsoever)’ [haha, seems my metaphors have always been so colorful]

‘True Love Is Falling In Love With Someone’s “Personality”, NOT Their “Persona”’ [no it’s not an SMT Persona reference, it was legit. Must’ve been when I lost one of my girlfriends or something. Bad times]

‘FLYKICK TO YER FACE. “Player” has Been killed By A Headshot From An Unarmed Attack. MADNESS.’ [this was about the F.E.A.R PC demo which I play with Matt. Good times =D]

‘Tuesday, November 10 2009, over 2 million Xbox Live users were online at once. I WONDER WHY. Oh wait i know, because of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.’ [Man alive, to think it’s been so long since MW2 came out, I remember how excited I was for that game]

‘On another note, my school has confirmed time, place and price for our Year 13 prom. Awesometown. Now all I need to do is pay, find out what to wear and hopefully find someone to go with T_T.’ [it’s funny cause I never got a prom date…]

‘As for MW2, it boils down to this: YOU NEED TO PLAY MODERN WARFARE 2. Tough but simple, insane but paced. Probably the funnest and most amazing campaign I’ve played this year (yes ODST, you’re 2nd). Short yeah, but packed with so much MMM that it gives you the same headache you got from COD4. Multiplayer is still the chips and beans, and Spec Ops is definitely a winner. A cinematic, blockbuster experience if there ever was one. Makes me wanna get it even more T_T Hehe.’ [this was about the time I fell in love with MW2 over COD4, so now you know, hehe]

‘, i managed to get new achievements for DMC4!!! All Secret Missions complete, ‘Modus Vivendi’ get Max health, and ‘Speak of The Devil’ complete campaign with Super Nero and Dante. FUN TIMES. And now i’m headin for Legendary Devil Hunter: defeat 10,000 enemies.’ [would you believe I said that in 2010? and would you believe I got that achievement finally in 2012? Yep yep]

‘Unlimited texts but no one to text. All the time in the world, but no one to hang out with. All the enthusiasm, but none of the result. It’s quite maddening really…’ [funny, i still feel like this even now]

And the last post which I’ll display all of:

My brethren; my humble audience, I give you this apology. I ask for your forgiveness in my negligence and reluctance to make any new posts T_T I have been wrapped up in new affairs that have deviated me from my former path. Nevertheless my friends, my legacy continues in new spectrums:
To keep up to date with whatever it is that I’m doing, also I have a Twitter- @JusticeSoulTuna
So be sure to support me/ follow me/ subscribe or whatever you see fit!!’


So that’s pretty much it. Talking to my phantom audience, introspecting and joking, serious pondering and documenting my life. Now with being more active on facebook and twitter I can ‘blog’ at any time through laptop or mobile but it’s always good to use a bigger blog post like this one to highlight more stuff. Anyway, hope you at least somewhat enjoyed this look at my past posts. I just hope that this blog will be much bigger and useful for me. And honestly, with how many things I can do and share now I honestly think it will be =]

Here was my old blog if you want to see any of these posts and all my other ones: http://justicesoultuna.blogspot.co.uk/


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