-Black Ops 2 Session: New Opinion & HAM-

Played a BOII session with an old friend of mine and no joke it was like she was my good luck charm or something. After a surprisingly fun set of custom games with bots, we played Multi-team games and I went IN. Firstly, I played a Hardpoint match on Slums and managed to get 63 kills!! Definitely putting it at THE most kills I’ve gotten in COD (i think, there was that one match where I got 62 in headquarters, really shocked me), and what came as an even bigger surprise was re-unlocking the M27 and giving it another spin. And I’ve gotta say, now that I’m quite good at Black Ops II, I’ve finally gotten used to it and good at it, I guess I misjudged that game. My friends will know I love to say ‘yo M27? Yo that gun is ASS’ but perhaps I was the one who was ass, haha. I managed to get 53 kills in the first match with it, and now I’m definitely going to keep using it, it’s REALLY good. I’d even go as far to say that it’s this game’s equivalent to the MW2 ACR or MW3 CM901 (less recoil though). Anyway, check out the pics of my kills so I aint a fraud. Loads of COD replays to come soon.

2013-01-12 22.38.19

2013-01-12 23.01.39


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