-Experience the Exposure-

You’ve noticed it surely. How now, more than ever before, you cannot escape the things you don’t like or agree with. Everyday you’re exposed to some concept or thing you’re not a big fan of, and I don’t mean advertisements or movies, I’m talking about social concepts and subjective ideology. Lately the things that have been swept under the rug are more and more being pushed into the main stage, where we can no longer ignore or act agnostic about things. Now I’ll stop talking abstract and give it to you straight; video games being assessed by Vice President Joe Biden, gay marriage and gay civil partnerships being a topic of conversation nearly every day, the ‘Why I Need Feminism’ campaign, My Little Pony fighting game originally being considered for Evo, video game culture vs party life culture, and so on. A couple of years ago such concepts would seem very fringe, very out of the way concepts that don’t even need addressing, things we would either ignore or shoot down with prejudice. But it cannot be denied the strength and support for each of these paradigms that used to be considered as subjective sub cultures. You cannot deny the mass support for gay rights and equality. You cannot act as if video games are a mere past time for ‘nerds’ and ‘losers’, with all games being the same and not doing well. You cannot act as if a cartoon about magical ponies doesn’t have an absurdly large fanbase, despite the equally undeniable hate against it. From the all powerful opinions we see in youtube comment sections everyday, to the heated facebook comment arguments to the surprisingly vicious twitter debates we are constantly exposed to things we may have severe prejudice against. The time for being neutral or pretending not to care has gone, a long time ago, and now you must pick your side and defend it. I’m not encouraging hate and being ignorant, no way no how, but rather that the ideals we held onto dear could not remain niche and quite for long, for as many voices online echoed support for these fringe cultures they gained exposure that cannot be reversed. So the onus is upon us to be even more tolerant and understanding of the things we discover, to care or not care based upon their relevance to ourselves, and to never back down when it comes to supporting whatever it is we enjoy or believe in. The world is changing everydays, and the people that live their day to day lives are all uniquely different with uniquely different tastes and interests. The internet has given us an insight into these lives and ideals and we must accept that there are some who aren’t like us, as well as we accept that there are those of us who are similar. Hate, malice, ignorance and prejudice should have no place in how to move forward from here. Being vocal about your viewpoint is fine, but not done is moderation or in consideration to others’ lifestyle is akin to stupidity. Experience the exposure to things both agreeable and disagreeable, but never let yourself become a figurehead of disdain.


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