-More Thoughts on new Dante in the new DmC: A response to an EGM article-

After reading this article: http://www.egmnow.com/articles/xbox_360/egm-commentary-the-devils-in-the-details-how-dmc-betrays-no-one/ , I felt compelled to make this body of text expressing how I feel about this new Dante business. Once again I felt compelled to do so purely because I want to at least shed some light on the side of the new Dante hate is much less malicious and much more sad that we’ve lost an icon to one that feels unworthy, not cause he’s different but because we can’t appreciate him, some of us anyway. Still, check out my response below:

Heh, an article like this was inevitable. And he’s right in everything he’s said, definitely. But the funny thing is, I for one am a person who loves change, a new direction, an evolution of the games we’ve known and loved. But you see my problem with the newest DmC isn’t 100% that it’s not like the other games, because each game was different in one way or another, it’s mainly yes the new Dante. The white hair is one thing, sure, but it’s just I feel like the character just isn’t that great, in my personal opinion.

Now I’m not going to hate, not going to heckle or anything, but rather express my point simply. See, I love change as I’ve mentioned, but I’d be lying to myself and others if I said I like all change no matter what TYPE of change it is. And if I don’t like the change I can’t force myself to like it simply cause it makes me an alright person or because I’m a fan of the series. MGS2’s introduction of Raiden was fantastic I believe, despite how many people hate his character. I am a huge fan of the new Prince of Persia game (the one featuring ‘The Prince’ and Elika) because despite being a game along different lines the new Prince was very entertaining and likeable. Even Sam Fisher’s changed look and motivations in Splinter Cell Conviction were perfectly fine with me. All primarily because I saw these characters, experienced some of the gameplay, watched the trailers and was convinced that the character in and of themselves was a cool, interesting character with heart.

And personally, I feel that’s what this new Dante lacks. To many he doesn’t look visually appealing, white hair or not. His attitude is wired all wrong, and the way he acts seems more questionable than something to aspire to. To expand, I’m not preaching gospel; if you like the character that’s fine, and I’m not saying anyone should not like him, but rather this is the issue people like myself are suffering with. Nero was a great new character who was a little bit like Dante but played different and acted different, and he was accepted and hated. Personally I would have been fine with a whole new character for the next installment, and I would have liked them as long as they were, well, likeable.

So to conclude I’m one who’s descriptive in my approach to this new Dante, not prescriptive. I don’t like him that much, but it won’t stop me from playing the game as the gameplay is solid. As one of the few people I know who actually likes change whenever it occurs, even I’d have to say that some changes are just hard to accept, not because it IS change but rather because it’s change we can’t appreciate.

I will say this however; if this new DmC has spawned a whole new fanbase of people that specifically enjoy that game (same happened with SP: Conviction) then I’m just happy that my series lives on in a different way even if I may not enjoy it.


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