-Big Post Of Some of My Best BlazBlue Pic Edits-

Decided to put together all of my really good BlazBlue pics that I’ve edited and made for Deviant Art, featuring mainly Ragna but many other characters. You can check out all the pics on my Deviant Art gallery for BlazBlue: http://antimatter-radius.deviantart.com/gallery/28118210 , but of course I’ll post all the pics below. Comment on any of the usual sites if you like any of these, share but be sure to give credit to me =]


Ragna Continuum Shift II

BB Extend Hazama Profile Edit

Eternal Swords of Rivalry  3

All Character Banners

BBCP Wallpaper 1366x768

BBCP Wallpaper White 1366x768

Adam Blade

Unlimited Ragna

Dead Spike

Disappeared Soul Big

Extend Ragna Profile Edit 2

Extend Ragna Yamato edit


Hate Everything Rag



JST Da Mans

Lamba 11


Rag The Blood With BAck

Ragna- Destroyer

Ragna New Art


RTB with text Edit

Soul of Orochi

The Disappeared Soul Of Orochi


'Yamata no Orochi'

If you made it to the bottom then CONGRATULATIONS!! I actually rate you as my friend, and I hope you’ve enjoyed a look at my BlazBlue edits =]


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