What irony…

…I find it easy to talk about games in the community for games that I don’t like much or play…I really enjoy certain games and enjoy the streams but I never play them and they don’t have big scenes, and the games I enjoy the most are the ones with the community I really hate to hear/read comments from. *sigh* Makes me sad honestly. Were it not for SFxT I may have lost faith since everything is so backwards. And yet that’s the game with the most hate against it currently and the community’s always on the defensive. And I wish the games I did care about other than that had had communities that weren’t so douchebaggy all the time, if so i’d care more about talking to people about it. COD is fine tbh cause the community is so big that you don’t have to care about people being dumb, youtube comments and all that, who cares. But I can hardly say that for some games where I don’t even have locals for it, friends who play it (close friends anyway) or a healthy online community that isn’t full of pricks. Makes me wonder if it’s even worth continuing on with it


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