-God of War: Ascension at GAME Lock-In Preview Event-

2013-01-20 18.47.58

Got to play the God of War: Ascension demo (E3 build) at GAME in the Bullring (Birmingham City shopping centre) and I gotta say it was really good. Very smooth, very satisfying, Kratos is as over the top powerful as usual and you can chain together sick combos, parry and roll and execute everything in sight. I also got to play the multiplayer, which is available to PlayStation Plus members apparently, and I played a Free for All where I got to run around in a small area and kill 3 other people. The combo system is quite limited, and parries don’t work the same way, but it was balanced well and it’s simple but technical enough to make you wanna keep playing. I didn’t do much customization as my character was a low level but it was damn good fun regardless. So all in all it’s a very sick looking game and like the other God of War games I think it’s gonna be amazing, wish I had a PS3 to get it. I got someone to record me playing it again so you can see what the single player is like here:

Enjoy =]


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