-SoCal Regionals 2013: Screen Caps of streams and other pics-

SoCal Regionals this past weekend was one of THE most hype tournaments I’ve seen to date, with excellent quality and delivery, smoothly run schedule and solid streams that pretty much never went down. With over 30k viewers by the end of the last day it really excites me to see where we can go from here, cause the bar has certainly been raised. From the crowd monstering where they used tablets as signs, to the inbetween match interviews and always good commentating I’d have to say that we’re doing even better in the FGC each day. I’ve joked on twitter saying ‘WE ESPORTS NOW’ and all that but in all honesty we don’t need to be, I think the FGC is going strong and our events are getting better and better!! So here’s some screen caps to show you what I mean-

14k for Cross#

14k viewers and counting!!

16k for SCR

16k viewers and counting!!

20k for SCR

20k viewers!! (and later down the line 27k)

Also, check out a few pics that summarize the impact that SFxT ver 2013 had on the stream monsters:



This Shuma combo was godlike


And god knows what is going on with Marn.


There’s a mountain of other gifs and pics that were made and shared last weekend, mostly from poverty chat (shoutouts to Arturo’s stream being used as free chat) but many from twitter, all of which I didn’t save unfortunately. But still, fact remains was that SCR was a great weekend and I can’t WAIT to see more road to Evo tournaments.


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