-Halo 4 Level & Armor Progress Jan 22nd-

Last night I reached Level 50 finally, after a really good game of Infinity Slayer where I got 30-17, as well as playing the new Spartan Ops episode (episode 6). My armor hasn’t changed too much (although I changed the left shoulder to Infiltrator after the below picture was taken). Wasn’t too sure what Specialization to go for, and perhaps I was a bit lazy in terms of looking up what they would do, but I chose Pioneer specialization, which I’ll get started on at some point. Lectures have started up again so it might be back to Lovefilm rentals and COD during the week, but I’ll still try to hop on Halo whenever possible.

2013-01-22 00.16.47


2013-01-22 00.21.04


Note, I’ve been using the Heroic pose for so long that I didn’t realize it’d kind of mess up the look of specializations (especially the Wetwork one which looks TOTALLY different from the side), so maybe for future reference I’ll switch back to Recruit so you can see all of the armor from the front view, like I did with the first pic.


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