-Metal Gear Rising Demo: More Impressions-

[:: Raiden :: Japanese Canvas Style :: by PokeTheCactus http://pokethecactus.deviantart.com/art/Raiden-Japanese-Canvas-Style-349793950 ]

So the public demo is out and I decided to download it to see if it was the one that came with ZOE HD Collection and indeed it was. Which was fine, great to play it again. I noticed a couple of new things, and found out even more from watching others’ videos.

First, it’s that whether or not you save the hostage you will get a different reaction from your team on the Codec, which is pretty cool. Meaning that as usual your decisions and actions will have consequence and characters will react based on what has happened. I like this since it’s not a silly binary moral choice system, or some kind of illusion of choice but rather an action and consequence system, where decisions or outcomes aren’t necessarily ‘right or wrong’ but rather it depends on the player’s perspective, and it’s not overly forced down on you that you did something wrong. Good examples of this are Deus Ex Human Revolution and Black Ops 2 with very implicit consequence systems, and I’ve always liked the Metal Gear series’ use of this, although letting people die (or failing to save them) always sucks, it never really feels like I’ve lost out of something because of it. Next is the amount of Codec calls you can make. On a whim I decided to talk to Courtney more and found out that besides her reaction to the hostage she talks in depths about the game’s story. Not just her but the rest of your PMC group does, and as long as you keep calling them you can find out more information. It’s pretty simple and can easily be accessed by calling them right before the boss of the demo. If you don’t have the time for it then you can always look it up online. However nothing beats the feeling of saving the hostage and getting praised by everyone, especially Courtney :3

From reading comments I discovered that by spinning the left stick then pressing the heavy attack button (Y or Triangle), Raiden will do the inverted spin with his blade, doing a breakdance of sorts and cutting with the sword on his foot. This of course has been seen a few times before, firstly in MGS4 where Raiden was announced to be in the game and he dispatched some Geckos with awesome style, it’s also his Level 1 super in PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale and by way of Platinum Games’ influence it’s reminiscent of Bayonetta’s left stick spin attacks. Things I discovered along the way from playing both the demo I own and this new demo are as follows: doing the run, with RT, and pressing X makes him swing the sword while still running, while pressing Y makes him do a sliding sweep, allowing you do knock enemies into the air and either chose to press another attack for a follow up or use Blade Mode to cut them open right then and there. Also, different combos can be done by strictly timing your button presses, and there’s a lot of them so far from what I’ve experience. Anything else you might want to know you can check out my playthrough of the demo here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTF_kG99z86spjt0EH1EqdbC5Q2vkVoyt . Also, I managed to get some S ranks on the first two fights (got a B on the bit with all the Geckos) and got an A on the dog boss =] Check out the pics down below, and don’t forget to check out my playthrough.

All in all I’m really looking forward to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, as Raiden is one of my favourite video game characters and he looks even cooler than ever, and I think the gameplay, graphics and story are really amazing so far, so I believe the game will be awesome. I’m hoping to pick it up; fingers crossed that I can buy it, but if not I can always rent it and buy it later down the line.

2013-01-22 22.44.39

2013-01-22 22.51.07

2013-01-22 23.02.59


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