-My Jimmies Have Been Severely Rustled-

So after a slow morning I go to uni to print some stuff and find out that my print credits have run out…then I had to go buy some toilet paper with the little money I had only to find out that nowhere is cheap except a convenience store which is out of the way. I then buy some cheap sweets to make the journey somewhat worthwhile, I open it up and the one on top comes out and falls on the floor…So I get back home to find out the door is locked cause my flatmate left the key on the other side, so had to wait a couple of minutes, knocking, since my phone’s battery had died and I couldn’t call her (and don’t worry I don’t blame you). And so I come in to replace the toilet paper only to find out someone already bought toilet paper TODAY right after I left…

My jimmies have been severely and THOROUGHLY rustled


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