-Konami uploads a features video similar to mine…-

At around 7:23 the Konami youtube channel uploads this video for Metal Gear Rising, called ‘Suit Overview’ which talks about the features of Raiden. Which is awesome of course, and I gave it a watch except shockingly enough I noticed alot of similarities between that video and the one I made not too long ago, the Tips & Tricks video for the demo. What freaks me out is the stuff is explained practically in the same order, and it covers next to all the topics I covered which blows my mind the most. WHAT A COINCIDENCE.

To show that my story is legit, I took this screenshot at 7:48pm
7 23 Upload

And here is my upload, made at 3:11pm
My videos

Now watch my video real quick:

And now watch the Konami upload:

My mind is blown. THEY EVEN CUT A TREE JUST LIKE I DID. And demonstrated the Ninja Run in the SAME ORDER I did 0_0


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