-My Farewell To Vanilla SFxT-

Now that ver. 2013 is out it’s pretty much goodbye to SFxT as we know it. I’ve already played a decent amount of it and it’s crazy fun; different, scary and OH MAH GAD PANDORA. But I digress, this post isn’t about ver 2013 cause you’re bound to hear about that alot from me; this post is about waving off the original game. And I decided to do it with 3 things: A 5 day/5 part Scramble lobby highlights series, a podcast and a ‘Best of’ video. Check them all out below. I’m gonna miss Vanilla XT but if this patch is for the better, crazy Pandora and vampiric grabs and all, then hopefully it’ll be hype and still fun. Like, comment and share; you know what is =]



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