-Some Under Night In-Birth Custom art featuring the characters I like-

From watching alot of UnderNightFight (channel on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/UnderNightFight?feature=watch) I noticed every so often a wallpaper was featured at the beginning of videos which had chibi versions of the UNIB characters, so after screenshotting it and google reverse image searching it I found out it was from special wallpapers on the UNIB official site. So from there I downloaded loads of the wallpapers for the characters I like; Hyde, Yuzuriha, Seth and Hilda, and made some customizations using what I got. I considered putting it on deviant art, but like alot of my simple customizations it’s nothing particularly revolutionary (nor do I won any of the art) so I figured I’d post it on this blog instead. Give them a look, also check out the UNIB main website to get the full wallpapers (http://inbirth.info/special.html).

Hilda Edit


Hyde Edit

Seth Edit


Yuzu Edit


UNIB Chars 1


UNIB Chars 2


UNIB Chars 3


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