-Black Ops II Recommended Classes For Practical Situations-

call_of_duty_black_ops_2_awesome_wallpaper_by_syan_jin-d5lzeu0.jpg[Art by Syan_Jin]

As Black Ops II progresses and online play becomes more intense I’ve found it increasingly difficult to keep up with events when I stick to one class. In previous games you could survive for a long time with one class with set perks that will allow you to ride out an entire match, only having to switch to a stinger class in case of a serious air threat such as AC-130 or Reaper.

In Black Ops II this is the same to an extent, however with the Scorestreak system it makes it much more hazardous to allow killstreaks such as UAV and Counter UAV to remain in the air as assist points allow players to build to their next scorestreak, as well as allowing the enemy team to perform better. Eventually matches become a type of Call of Duty hell where you’ve been simultaneously EMP’d, bombed by Swarm and killed by Dogs as well as put under constant threat by the Orbital Vsat.As such I think it’s prudent and essential to have at least one anti-air class available with perks that make you invisible to all kinds of technology. Not only that but it’s essential to have classes that can deal with different kinds of situations such as constant bombardment from Swarm Hunter Killers or a team with Orbital Vsats and Target Finders.

Note none of this is a value judgement, as I believe that all these things are viable elements of the game that can seriously help yourself or your team out in various situations however it’s imperative that each player is well equipped to deal with these scorestreaks and equipments in whatever way possible. I will also recommend great classes for getting good kills with a variety of weapons. Have at least two of these classes in your loadout and you’re bound to make your Black Ops II online experience more engaging and tactical.

-Assault Rifles-
My recommended Assault Rifles are:

M8A1 / M27 / MTAR / SCAR H / TYPE-25

All these assault rifles are incredibly versatile, powerful and can be used in a lot of situations at close to long range for quick and effective kills. The M8A1 is the only burst fire gun here but has amazing damage and with proper accuracy can take down enemies within seconds, it also handles well with select fire to make it automatic. My recommend class setup is as follows:

Lightweight / Fast  Hands / Dexterity with Semtex, Concussion Grenade, Primary Gunfighter Wildcard

For the weapon attachments:

M8A1 with ACOG sight, Quickdraw Grip, Fast Mag
M27 with Millimeter Scanner, Quickdraw Grip, Adjustable Stock
MTAR with ACOG sight, Quickdraw Grip, Fast Mag
SCHAR H with EOTech Sight, Fast Mag, Quickdraw Grip
TYPE-25 with Quickdraw Grip, Fast Mag, Adjustable Stock

All of these attachments are interchangeable of course, but if you want the fastest and most effective way of dealing with close to long range battles these attachments are the best with the perks I’ve recommended.

My recommended Sub Machine Guns are:


These 5 I feel are the best ones to use overall, with the PDW-57 and SKORPION being the 2 that I feel work the best in all situations, though the MSMC has some amazing damage.

My recommended perks are:
lightweight-perk-2dexterity-perk-2extreme-conditioning-perk-2 (1)semtex-3concussion-3perk-3-greed-wildcard-5
Lightweight / Dexterity / Extreme Conditioning with Semtex, Concussion Grenade and Perk 3 Greed Wildcard.

Use these attachments:

If you can manage iron sights then you can be effective with just Fast Mag and Quickdraw Grip for these guns, with Laser Sight for hip firing because the SMGs can sometimes work better for hip firing. You can try using Fore Grip as well though it might not make it as accurate as it claims surprisingly.

MP7 with Fast Mag, Quickdraw Grip
MSMC with Fast Mag, Quickdraw Grip
PDW-57 with Quickdraw Grip, Laser Sight
SKORPION EVO with Quickdraw Grip, Laser Sight
VECTOR K10 with Quickdraw Grip, Fast Mag

These are very effective for smaller team modes on medium to small maps such as Hijacked, Slums, Express and Nuketown 2025.

My recommended Light Machine Guns are:

These two LMGs are powerful and have a steady stream of fire that works well up close and at long range. The Assault Shield is good to have as a secondary to prevent you from being shot in the back often and can be used to hide behind when deployed at a safe vantage point.

My recommended perks and equipment are:
Flak Jacket / Toughness / Tactical Mask with Grenade, Flashbang and Overkill Wildcard to equip Assault Shield.

This class setup was made purposefully to make your character like a tank of sorts, able to absorb explosive damage and thrown equipment so you can continue to shoot regardless of what comes at you.

Use these attachments:

Target Finger and Grip work wonders for LMGs allowing them to see and be able to shoot enemies at any range, making it easy to support the team from a distance or up close, to take out any dug in snipers or to mow down rows of enemies as they try to take an objective.

-Tactical Classes: VERY IMPORTANT-
Now I’d like to recommend class setups that I genuinely believe to be essential to playing Black Ops II multiplayer. These two classes will allow you to overcome both ground and air scorestreaks.

> Ground Support

Flak Jacket / Cold Blooded / Engineer / EMP grenade / Black Hat with Tactician Wildcard

These perks allow you to be invisible and mostly invulnerable to grounded threats such as MMS and Target Finder and allow you to destroy Sentry Guns, Guardians and AGRs from a safe distance. Immediately switching to this class will prevent enemy ground scorestreaks from killing or surpressing your team mates. Use black hat to hack equipment from a distance or throw an EMP grenade to disable it much faster.

> Anti-Air Support


Blind Eye / Cold Blooded / Hard Wired / Engineer (optional) with Black Hat and Perk 2 Greed Wildcard. And most importantly the FHJ-18 AA: the ‘stinger’ type weapon needed to destroy aerial scorestreaks.

Be it a UAV, Counter UAV, Warthog, Lodestar or Escort Drone you need a class like this to halt an enemy’s scorestreak in its tracks before it can do major damage. This class is also fantastic for being invisible to UAVs and Orbital Vats, being immune to Counter UAV and EMP, and being able to shoot down the aerial scoretreaks that can be shot down. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a class like this for at least one person on your team or to have one yourself, because when matches really heat up you need to have the anti-air capabilities to stop your team from being flattened by scorestreaks.

The weapons I’d recommend to go with this are the M27 and PDW-57 with Silencer and a sight of your choice. This allows you to still be able to get kills and take down the scorestreaks.

Finally I’d like to recommend a class which will allow you to get the drop of enemies who otherwise are a bit too smart and resourceful:
To be truly and honestly visible you’ll want to have a combination of all of the above in order to run around and knife any enemies dug in at vantage points without being seen or heard.

I hope you found this useful in your online play and I think that with the right application it can make any player more effective and deadly, both with getting kills and preventing them. Enjoy Black Ops II and always remember to think on your feet, using whatever tools necessary to ensure victory.

Big thanks to BlackOpsII.com for all the images used here.
BOII Cover


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