-Top 5 Thriller Themed Anime, With Dramatic Action & Horror Elements-

Upon completing an anime that was incredibly tense and suspense filled, I’ve realized that I’ve always had a liking for deep, thriller anime with complex plots and characters. Though I’d never like to come off an anime with a bad taste, some animes do a phenomenal job a weaving a cohesive narrative that’s as satisfying as it is shocking. As such, I thought I’d recommend some great thriller/horror anime that’s bound to keep you on the edge of your seat, keeping you guessing all the way to the insane finale.

5. Ghost Hunt: While not as edgey or violent as the other titles on this list, this anime is a spooky and well paced look at the endeavors of a group of supernatural research workers, as they uncover several mysteries and quite literally hunt ghosts. Fun, lighthearted, but scary when it counts, every minute of Ghost Hunt is filled with suspense and revelations.

4. Kara no Kyoukai: This title on its own deserves honorable mention, but in terms of thriller and horror it’s just one of the best ones out there despite a slightly disjointed and confusing plot progression. A magical tale of a woman with mystical powers and strength who meets a normal seeming guy that takes a liking to her, and together they are exposed to a series of disturbing and violent events which at first seem random but slowly begin to creep closer to them. Genuinely a phenomenal anime from the works of ufotable, within the Type Moon universe which brought us the likes of Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero. Many fans of Melty Blood will recognize the main heroine of this anime; Ryougi Shiki.

3. Deadman Wonderland: An anime that truly embodies the idea that things can only get worse. A story about a young man who witnesses the sudden and impossible massacre of his classmates and yet somehow ends up being blamed for it, thrown into a prison with dark secrets and disturbing practices, only able to defend himself with a mysterious awakened power. Violent, gory and unpredictable, this anime is an enjoyable and twisted tale of bravery when things seem bleak.

2. Mirai Nikki: Even though Deadman Wonderland was my previous favorite for the number 2 spot, along comes an anime that is just as violent, but two times as shocking and with infinitely more intrigue. “Mirai Nikki” is the term that refers to ‘Future Diaries’, a tool which the characters in this anime use to tell the future, and the story revolves around a shy boy and a disturbingly over-affectionate girl that get caught up in a twisted game of death and survival. While funny and romantic at times, Mirai Nikki is constantly shocking, surprisingly epic and leads to a series of finale episodes that are unforgettable.

1. STEINS;GATE: In my recent years of watching suspense anime, none have managed to perfectly blend rom-com, thriller, sci-fi and tense pseudo-horror as good as Steins Gate, an anime focusing on a group of friends who become self-proclaimed ‘scientists’ as they discover a way to send messages back to the past. However they soon learn the world-shaking consequences of tampering with the past despite how little the change can be. A fantastic narrative filled with science heavy conversations, dramatic build ups and a loveable cast of unlikely scientists that show a power of friendship that isn’t afraid to embrace cliche or cheesiness but utilizes it in a believable and heartwarming way.

Prepare for an intense ride of time, space and supernatural proportions with these anime.


4 thoughts on “-Top 5 Thriller Themed Anime, With Dramatic Action & Horror Elements-

  1. I believe u have missed a spot called #1 MONSTER. Steins gate is still number 1 in my anime list but in a different genre. Thriller belongs to Monster.

    • I’ve seen both and I really liked both of them. Also, this list is my opinion, I wasn’t saying that these 5 animes are ‘the best’, they’re just top 5 to me. I saw Death Note a long time ago and that was amazing, and I saw Another 2 months ago and it was just as good.

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