-Dendrite, by For Great Justice! The excellent drum n bass song from the FFR golden days-

The Lost

For as long as I’ve had my youtube I’ve hosted For Great Justice’s music on my channel, and the song that started it all, Dendrite, is nearly at 10,000 views!! Help me promote the song that got me into FGJ as well as allowed him to find me and allow me to promote his music. Dendrite is a dynamic and interesting drum n bass song featured on the popular internet flash game ‘Flash Flash Revolution, a game based upon Dance Dance Revolution except it uses the arrow keys for the dance notes. Please enjoy and share it wherever you can to promote this song and its artist, and check out the rest of his music here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2DCDF1538FE6D514&feature=mh_lolz



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