-Rant About Pleasing Fans-

If you change things and people are upset, or change nothing and other people are upset, is the answer to just do nothing at all? Or is the answer to simply ignore those who aren’t pleased? But if you’re in the business of entertainment or even just lighthearted social interactions, ignoring those who aren’t happy with what you do is fine but always reeks of ignorance, however innocent. “Haters gonna hate” chimes the axiom, but can we really just be blind to the displeased and please only those who care?

We should do, and I’ve always believed so. But personally I’m always torn between wanting to cater to those whom my activities would appeal to, as the aim of entertainment is to entertain (so if someone isn’t entertained then the activity is obviously not made for them), and wanting to please everyone, trying to make everyone enjoy what it is that I’m doing. I understand if people have preferences and people aren’t concerned with things, but what’s been bothering me the most about the internet and exposure to opinions isn’t the disagreement, it’s the hate.

While disagreement suggests a passive difference to a particular topic, hate is a much more aggressive approach of going against the thing itself, and we see it all too often on the internet. Sometimes as someone who tries to entertain I consider not only “how do I please my fans” but also “how do I minimize hate for my stuff?”. The answer to the second question is impossible to know, because just as easy as it is for someone to like what you’ve done, someone can just as easily hate it. To use another axiom: you can’t please everyone.

All things considered it’s stressful for me to imagine how hard it must be to be known on the level of big game companies, or pop singers, or well known youtubers. The fanbase for all of these things are insanely big, and can you imagine what it’s like to have millions of voices screaming at you all at once, each saying something different? How could you decide what to listen to, and what to ignore? Will it ever reach a point where you just ignore people altogether and just do what you want? It’s a delicate balance between your own purpose and pleasing your fanbase, and it’s a delicate balance that I respect big game companies for managing to keep all the time, it’s something that must be one of the most stressful things. If it ever reaches a point where my fanbase is in the millions (unlikely, haha) I genuinely have no idea how I’ll manage to figure out what to do and how to please the majority of my fans, if any at all.

Has anyone else been struggling with similar issues? Either in their work or hobbies? Comment with your experience on this topic, cause it’s certainly something that has concerned me for a while.


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