-SFxT 2013: New Cross Assault Combo, Daily Blast Episode 27, & Lars/Jin Variety Show 2!!-

SFxT Daily Blast Logo

Busy day for me today, having to sort out not only today’s Daily Blast, which clocked in at around 4 minutes with alot of awesome clips, but also having to make a new cross assault video on a whim, as well as making a sequel to the Lars/Jin Variety show video (the video with random meter wasting combos). There’s alot of SFxT 2013 goodness from me today, so be sure to enjoy all of it to is fullest. Oh, and dropping a like and/or comment wouldn’t hurt ;p

If you enjoyed these videos be sure to share them and check out the massive amount of SFxT content on my channel, and subscribe to see more like this in the future!!


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