-Thoughts on the GITS: SAC – Laughing Man movie-

After watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – The Laughing man (the movie length summary of the Laughing Man arc of GITS:SAC) I’m reminded of two things: 1. how deep, complex and satisfying the GITS: SAC storyline was, and 2. how smart, strong and incredibly mysterious Major Motoko Kusanagi is. I swear, she both frightens me and excites me, haha. Really good anime, and this was a good movie to sum up the Laughing Man arc, though it seems Major Kusanagi still fascinates me just as much as the first time I saw the original movie. Which is funny considering I’ve seen pretty much everything GITS related; i.e. both movies, both anime series and the Solid State Society movie. I’m looking forward to the new GITS series, which should be pretty awesome, feels like it’s been a long time coming. At some point I should watch the ‘Individual Eleven’ movie, cause admittedly I don’t remember much about the second season, and it’d help remind me about that storyline too. Still, GITS is just as awesome as I remember.


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