-Final Thoughts On New DmC-


I just finished playing the new DMC game, named ‘DmC: Devil May Cry; the infamous new entry in the Deil My Cy series that isn’t quite the DMC5 we were expecting, and I’ve gotta say one thing at the very least: impressive. From the cleverly designed, tense set pieces, really dynamic and always surprising environments, to the truly awesome and deep combat, the new DmC if anything is nothing short of awesome.

Now, is the new Dante perfect? No. Is he even a great character? Not really. But was he effective in the story telling, and would you come to like him? Yes. And that’s the interesting part. The new Dante needs to not be regarded or compared next to original Dante, cause by that standard Dante just looks like a juvenile douche throughout the whole game, which is a shame mainly cause he’s much more thoughtful and likeable than it seems on the surface. Think of new Dante as a teenage Constantine (referring to the film, I haven’t read the comics); edgey, violent, not afraid to swear or act like a douche, not because he wants to be a bastard to people but rather because it’s just how he’s built up. A traumatic childhood after watching his mom’s death, a violent adolescent period filled with running from demons and being labelled crazy; in a realistic sense it shows how a teenage Dante would be built up to be hard edged given his circumstances.

The story does a decent job of making you understand why Dante acts the way he does, and it isn’t just for show, trust me. By the end Dante will grow on you, not as the most likeable character ever but you’ll at least see him develop in a rather nice way, one which I won’t ruin. In fact, the story does a great job of establishing good relationships between all the characters, and while Kat may be the least developed she was sufficiently explained and you can understand her importance in a well drawn out way. Also, the straight up bro-mance between Vergil and Dante is actually quite awesome, and it made for some interesting moments that I almost kinda wish the other DMC games had, cause seeing Dante and Vergil working together was genuinely quite awesome. While there aren’t many main characters in the story, there is one in particular you meet along the line that’s actually quite interesting, and it’s a shame he wasn’t given more importance in the story.

But all this story exposition aside I’ll say this; a mix of surprisingly deep and flexible combat, really awesome looking levels and solid platforming that was simple yet fun and a non-complex revenge story that develops the new Dante in a way I didn’t expect made this game actually engaging enough to keep playing to the end. In fact I’d say the experience got better as it went along with even better levels, better music (cause to be honest alot of the music wasn’t that great to me) and interesting puzzles. Sadly, the combat kinda breaks down to being more enemy specific than flexible, meaning you’ll be spending more time doing hit and run than flexing your combo muscles. Which is a shame cause you’ll be buying all those shiny skills and not even get to use any of them effectively since there’s so many different enemy types running around. Though some enemies did make for some challenging encounters, such as the assassin type demon that could teleport, it also meant more patient gameplay, reliant less on your combo ability and more on thinking on your feet. I admit this isn’t a bad thing cause it gave the combat even more depth and with time if you master enemy patterns then every enemy type can be combo’d to your heart’s content, and I always believe that this is not only a mark of a good DMC game but also a mark of a great action game.

The Ikaruga style red and blue combat was actually pretty cool and I thought it was fantastic how there were so many situations where it was necessary to fight only with angel or demon weapons, just like the many sections where you had to either use angel or demon pull for the platforming sections. Incredibly well thought out, and it was enjoyable as a result. I thought it’d be a bit boring or annoying having to use either angel or demon weapons on certain enemies, but once you get 2 angel weapons and 2 demon weapons, each with different speed of attacks, you can really mix up your attacks for some really awesome combos. So while the downside is that you can’t use what combos you want and you’re forced to play Ikaruga with the weapons, the plus side is that it makes use of having the difference between angel and demon weapons, so you’ll get to thoroughly enjoy and get good with both types of weapons. I’d even say that I’d like to see more of this in the future; a way of implementing gameplay mechanics so that the player is forced to use all the available tools and weapons to overcome enemies and challenges, cause even in Metal Gear Rising the secondary weapons are optional to the point that you’d never need them in the entire game. (that is unless you wanted to play with them). Other parts of the game such as dialogue, major plot points and overall difficulty are subjectively enjoyable to each person, as that’s something I can’t comment on objectively. Whether or not you find the game amusing, engaging or challenging is up to you, but there is definitely both fun to be had and hard parts to overcome.

If this new DmC is the start of a new series I’d like to see where it goes as long as they make a lot of improvements and new additions, cause what this game did well it did it great, so as long as they improve it overall I’ll be happy. However as its own game it was enjoyable but slightly forgettable enough that I’d say I don’t particularly care too much for a sequel, and I’d much rather see a sequel to the original Dante’s DMC, which would possibly take elements from this game cause honestly this game DID have alot of amazing features to it. To sum I’d I’d say that I definitely enjoyed DmC: Devil May Cry, and while it may not be anywhere near the same lines as the original DMCs it’s certainly an enjoyable game in its own right and fans of action games should give it a shot. Cause despite all the fuss about the bigger details of the game, it’s always satisfying getting some S ranks =D

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