-SFxT 2013 Daily Blast -Season 3- Episodes 31 and 32-

SFxT Daily Blast Logo

After an incredibly fun and successful season, I’ve uploaded the last 2 episodes of Daily Blast Season 3!! Episode 31 is business as usual, with some pretty cool and funny stuff, and the season finale isn’t as explosive as season 1 or 2’s finales, but it’s something special I decided to do for you guys, so hopefully you’ll like it =] I hope you’ve enjoyed season 3 of Daily Blast and I hope you look forward to more SFxT content in the future. Be sure to look out for a collab of season 3!!

Be sure to like, comment and share on these videos if you enjoyed them, and submit them to Shoryuken.com and Eventhubs to get me featured and spread the word about this awesome series!


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