-My Top 10 Awesome Japanese Rock Songs, Including Visual Kei, Anime Endings & More-


From the darker riffs in ‘One Reason’ to the happy melody that is ‘Eraser’, these JRock songs have alot of variety and detail which make them awesome music to listen to, despite your preference in music style. I wanted to pick only 10 songs from the hundreds of japanese songs I have in my music collection, 10 songs which I felt that could summarize the different styles you can expect from JRock music (without them being too over the top or hard to listen to). Give these great tracks a listen as you’re sure to find something that you’ll find epic, even if you’re not a huge fan of japanese music.

Note, the order doesn’t rank which songs are better, nor do they rank how much I like them, it’s done purely for listing purposes.

10. Dears, by Gackt


9. Siren, by Asian Kung-Fu Generation


8. Bath Room, by The Gazette


7. Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda Hi, by Kurosaki Moan (from Highschool of the Dead)


6. Eraser, by Alice Nine


5. Carnation, by Kiyoharu (from The Wallflower)


4. Season’s Call, by Hyde


3. One Reason, by Fade (from Deadman Wonderland)


2. SUDDENLY, by Gackt


1. Jessica, by Dir en Grey

Enjoy!! Be sure to share this post with your friends if you enjoyed any of these songs.


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