-My Thoughts On Chris G’s Morrigan In Regards To Final Round & Other Tournaments-


Dromstruction posted an article entitled ‘Identifying the problem’ which talks about whether or not the issue lies with Morrigan as a character or with Chris G himself, briefly mentioning how Infiltration and his Akuma are along the same lines. Due to the outcome of Final Round XVI many are questioning whether or not Morrigan is indeed unstoppable or whether it’s just Chris G’s skill level, a hot topic which has been buzzing around for a while now since Chris G’s Morrigan/Doom combination became famous. You can read Dromstruction’s article here: http://dromstruction.com/identifying-the-problem

I made a lengthy reply to the article, and explain that it’s a multi-factor issue, and perhaps it’s not as simple as either Chris G being the best or Morrigan being too powerful. My reply is as follows:

It’s a combination of things; firstly that Chris G is a solid player and that Morrigan with Doom missiles is a huge advantage. Other people have been playing Morrigan and Doom, INCLUDING Flocker in the final set, where he even managed to give Chris G trouble. But notice how Chris G managed to overcome Flocker’s MorriDoom (as they put it lately), showing that it’s not 100% unbeatable, and obviously other players have beaten Chris’ MorriDoom.

The thing to realize is that no other player is on Chris G’s MorriDoom level; some Dooms are better definitely but few Morrigans are on his Morrigan’s level in terms of fireball game, spacing, blocking and finally combos. Chris is pretty religious to his Morrigan, with powerful combos and set ups, able to block most of the time and tech grabs, as well as grab them. So Morrigan in the hands of a player that’s not as dedicated to the character as he is can only chuck fireballs so much but if they can’t make up the rest of the skill Chris G will flatten them.

In a way, it’s the same with Infiltration; Akuma is and can be played by anyone, but it’s the LEVEL of Akuma play that Infiltration’s got which few can match or handle. If someone can utilize the character Morrigan to the same level as Chris then he’d meet his match; it’s not a black and white distinction of either Morrigan being broken or the player being the best.

Consider also; Morrigan is a great character but in the hands of a novice is useless, and a great player is fantastic with their main team but less so with a lesser used character. In the same way that a less skilled Morrigan player can’t win a tourney, a less skilled Zero player or Vergil player will fall flat. Merely using the character won’t help you win, and merely being a good player and picking said character won’t let you win; it’s the connection between being a fantastic player and being a fantastic player WITH that character that make the impact. That’s what I think anyway.

But what do you think? Is it really just the character Morrigan being so horrendously overpowered? Or is it Chris G himself that’s the best player right now, and that combined with this character makes a lethal combination?



One thought on “-My Thoughts On Chris G’s Morrigan In Regards To Final Round & Other Tournaments-

  1. To play Morrigan like Chris you need a year of dedication to the character. It is the hardest to learn in the top tier list. And you also need to learn your match ups. Spamming Fireballs against teleporting characters is showing that you are a bad Morrigan. You can only do that when baiting them to teleport on top of missiles.

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