-Halo 4 Armor Progress: Rogue Specialization & Armor Unlocked!!-

So after completing the ‘Pioneer’ specialization from levels 50-60, I finally got to pick a new specialization!! The newer options had much cooler armor options, and I decided to go for the ‘Rogue’ specialization, primarily for the helmet. Although the unlocks I got with them weren’t very helpful to me, like the one I got with Pioneer which I didn’t end up using, it’s just cool to be unlocking special armor. Now, at level 64 I managed to unlock the helmet as well as torso and shoulder pads for my Spartan. In the pics below you’ll see how I’ve changed the right shoulder only to the Rogue armor, as well as the helmet and torso, though I think I’ve decided to keep the Scout torso since it kinda grew on me (which is why you’ll see it in the other pics, though I might switch to the Rogue one at some point). Gotta keep on grinding to get more cool armor!!

2013-04-09 02.27.09


2013-04-09 02.28.21


2013-04-09 02.27.45


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