-SFxT 2013: Pandora Videos- 2 Online Match Kills & A Rant About The Perceived ‘Usefulness’ Of It-


I’ve recently uploaded 2 Pandora kills within online matches, both from ssf4evo’s videos. The first is by Qs_Frenzy using Alisa/Hwoarang and the second is by Songi using Christie/Xiaoyu. They came as a big surprise to me and they were pretty well executed. Give them a watch to see some stylish stuff. The final Pandora related video I uploaded recently is a rant podcast by myself where I express my frustrating at how there’s still so much ignorance about the mechanic despite all the work that’s been done to show how powerful it. It’s quite lengthy and goes into depth about the different speculation people have about Pandora till today and the issues with these perceptions.


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