After a great set from Alex using Yoshimitsu and Lars, during the losers finals of SFxT at the Texas Showdown 2013, he does the unthinkable and escapes with Yoshimitsu’s magic pixel health only to bring him back in to set up a Pandora for Lars. I cannot tell you how hype I was to see Pandora used in a major tournament with alot of viewers. While the first Pandora in a tournament was good it didn’t get much exposure, and the WNFs one was cool too but that’s just a regular local tournament, this is probably the first time thousands of people at once have seen Pandora in a tournament stream. Which is perfect. It can only get better from here I believe. While Valle set it up perfectly and finished it well, I was hella worried that it might not have worked, cause it was a little bit clutch considering the time, he finished the match and the set in a very stylish way. Anyway, enough rambling, check out the win here on the archive for the finals day, at around 1:56:56 (1hr and 56 mins 56secs):

Alex Gets the win