-What I’m Hoping For In COD Ghosts’ Gameplay-

After playing Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon’s demo, I realized that just like the Crysis series and aspects of the F.E.A.R series, one of my favourite things about those games was the extra stealth action options. From the stealth kills and sliding of the ‘Cry’ games, to the fly kick and cover systems of F.E.A.R 2 and 3, tactical and direct combat options all made those games engaging. If COD Ghosts is going for enhanced stealth action gameplay, then I’d like to see these features implemented. It’s already been rumoured that COD Ghosts will have a slide move and a cover system, making it already sound like Crysis 2 (for example). This would be perfect; the smoothness and pick n play feel of COD combined with gameplay mechanics like slide, stealth kill and so on. I’d absolutely love to be able to play a COD game that’s like Crysis, both in terms of technology and gameplay options. I’m really excited to see the gameplay reveal come May 21st.


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