-Game Releases May 2013-

SUMMER IS COMING!! Whether you’re doing finals at school or it’s crunch time at work, you can look forward to not only summer itself but this awesome line-up of games.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

-May 10th-
Persona 4 Arena (UK Release)

-May 14th-
Metro: Last Light

-May 21st-
Resident Evil Revelations (Console Release)
Fast & Furious: Showdown
Worms Collection

-May 24th-
Donkey Kong Country Returns (3DS)

-May 28th-

What started off as a bizarre April Fools’ joke turned out to be the joke itself; a game expansion based off of the popular game, Far Cry 3, was announced, alongside a ridiculous trailer and even more ridiculous gameplay. But indeed, the joke wasn’t the game, the joke was that it was a real trailer instead of an April Fools’ joke, and now that game manifested itself as a stand alone downloadable title by the name of Far Cy 3: Blood Dragon. Blood Dragon is an absurd, crude and over the top action adventure with many 80s homages, pop culture references and self-referential humor. The reception for this game has been so good that the developers have considered a sequel!! If you’re a fan of Far Cry 3, stealth action games like the previous Far Cry games or Crysis, or a general action game fan, I urge you to check out this hilarious and satisfying sci-fi game.

Until next month!!
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