-Resident Evil Revelations (Xbox 360) Demo Impressions-


In the short demo for RE: Revelations released today you’ll realize several things: you can’t run (well sprint anyway), you can’t manual dodge, no starting ammo on you and no idea what the hell is going on. Those used to the direction RE has been going in will feel uncomfortable with this throwback to older RE style, as Revelations has the over the soldier perspective and movement of RE4 but mechanics reminiscent of older RE games. A tense atmosphere is the first thing that greets you; an abandoned ship filled with death and decay, and a small objective that leaves you tense throughout all of the tight hallways of the ship. Many have said that RE Revelations on the 3DS was one of the best RE games in a while, and I could see why after playing that demo. The mixture of old and new makes Revelations feel like classic RE without being held back by shoddy controls like back then; no sprint but decent walk speed, shaky handgun but the ability to move while shooting, no manual dodge but the ability to do a small dodge right before you’re attacked. I felt that when the enemies did appear the emphasis went to picking your shots and watching your surroundings, which RE has always been about but I feel this game more so, as ammo is scarce and you’re no action hero this time around. If you’ve felt disappointed by the more action style that RE has taken with RE6 (which I actually loved to be honest, it was a fun game even if it wasn’t classic survival horror) but don’t want to experience too many limitations to emulate older survival horror games then this game will be a breath of fresh air for you. I’m a big fan of the horror genre, and whether it’s action horror or tense survival horror I’m always interested to see where the genre can go. If bringing this game to consoles will allow many to enjoy how horror games can be tense and/or scary without crappy controls then I can see a big future for the genre. While I love action games and  the supernatural horror shooters that some horror games have become, it’s nice to see how tension can be created without too many limitations to gameplay.


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