-Xbox One Impressions/ Speculation-


I’d like to preface this post by saying that I’m not 100% happy about everything the Xbox One might do. I’m not defending it like a blind fanboy, cause I admit there’s a couple of things I either wish were different or could do without. Do I care about the TV stuff? Not really. Do I care about the sports stuff? Not at all. But, am I raging furiously that this console is the end of gaming? Hardly. The Xbox One if anything is a console that’s done with gimmicks and silly new apparatus for gaming and believes that with alot of power and processing speed a console can be much more. The new controller looks sleek and updated, the D-pad looks like it’ll handle fighting games better, and there’s two new buttons to replace start and back.

The console itself was revealed from the beginning, which is perfect, and specs were shown off. The speed of response was incredibly impressive, and even if I won’t always use side by side internet or skype, the availability of that in itself is impressive. And that’s the point really; I may be a gamer but I have other things I’m concerned about like music, movies and internet. The Xbox 360 was already well on its way to being a total entertainment console and the Xbox One is the final mark of that progression. Gamers need to understand that wanting a console just for games is unreasonable at this point because they’re not the only target demographic anymore. Sure you won’t use even half of these new features but it doesn’t mean other people won’t. All of the apps and features of Xbox 360 right now, such as Hulu, Bing voice search and Xbox Music are all things I never use but other people do. I can’t be ignorant and say ‘why isn’t the focus on just games’ when Microsoft knows that its consumer base isn’t just purely gamers. That isn’t to say the Xbox One isn’t an amazing games console, cause it is. Great graphics so far, 15 announced exclusives (8 of which are new IPs), new Kinect integration and from what I’ve heard recently it can record and share games just like the PS4. Couple that with the ability to switch to anything with voice commands, and multi-tasking music or internet search on screen and you’re looking at a complete package, an ‘all in one’ entertainment console if you will.

But I’m gonna be real with you; I don’t think it’s perfect, and all the unclear info regarding used games and having the console online need to be confirmed. I don’t believe the Xbox One is ‘better’ than the PS4, nor should it be. The PS4 looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see the console itself, hear more info on its features and see more games. The Xbox One is in the same boat with me, and when E3 comes along we’ll get to see much more. I’m not the kinda person who even gives the time of day to console wars anymore, different bits of technology are good for different reasons and each may contain something that the other does not. I feel like too many are passing judgement on the Xbox One on the basis of the reveal alone, which really was just a press conference to unveil the console and its features. Come E3 we’ll know more about both consoles and their games, and whether or not you can justify your purchase.

I probably won’t hope to get an Xbox One this year, but probably sometime down the line next year. I’m not quite ready for this console gen to end and there’s still so much I enjoy my Xbox 360 for. But at the very least I’m excited that the next gen is here and I can’t wait to see even more of both consoles and all the games coming to them, including Call of Duty: Ghosts. For more of my impressions, and opinions of the general reactions to the press conference, check out my new podcast here:


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