-What I Expect From Microsoft At E3 Regarding The Xbox One (Questions/Speculations)-

While I may not have been as extremely disappointed as some concerning the Xbox Reveal, there are several pressing matters about the Xbox One that were not addressed fully, if at all, and I would want to see at their E3 press conference that’s coming soon. I believe that the Xbox One isn’t just going to be a weak games console with more emphasis on TV, I feel that there is a lot of latent gaming power behind that machine that Microsoft merely neglected to mention due to a concise focus on revealing overall features. People seem to not realize that the Xbox Reveal was meant to be just that; a reveal. I highly doubt Microsoft wanted to have their entire E3 press conference during the reveal, otherwise what would the point of E3 be? That said, I will list off the things that I would like to see mentioned at E3 or within the near future if possible.

-Xbox Live Parties, Beacons-

The Xbox Live party system is fantastic, and it would be useful to know how they plan to enhance that and make it better. Will the party size increase? Will how people connect be changed? Also, will beacons be expanded as well? Will they stay the same amount or will we be able to set more? I’d also like to see something along the lines of Raptr where when we play a game or gain an achievement it auto-shares to social networking sites. Of course Raptr would still be useful but I’d like to know if this was possible, as it’d be very helpful I believe.

-Xbox Achievements-
They already mentioned that achievements will be more dynamic and detailed, but will we get more gamerscore per game? Will the detailed stats that you find online be available on the console itself, and will we be able to go further and set achievements ourselves? That’d be an amazing feature as it’d allow the already fun achievement system to be even more engaging and detailed. Whether or not this happens is something we’ll have to see, but I am hopeful.

-Sharing Features-

While they already mentioned Skype and the use of the internet, how will social media features be integrated? Will we be able to receive social media alerts on the console, and will be be able to (as I mentioned before) share our activity? I think it has been confirmed that we can capture and share gameplay on the console, just like PS4, so it’d be good to know just how much gameplay can be captured, in what way, and where we’ll be able to share it to. I’m not sure whether they’ll reveal all of the sharing affiliates at the time, but I expect them to add more in the future.

-Marketplace, Downloads & Demos-
I’d like to know if the XBL marketplace will remain similar or will be changed in some way. Will we still be able to download demos or will it be streamable just like On Live where you could play 30 minutes of the actual game? This leads to the idea of rentals, as the whole ‘used game’s fee’ thing had people worried about borrowing or renting games. I imagine that they will have a rental service along the lines of On Live where you can rent games for a short period on the console and have it streamed to the console. I hope that like PS4 download times will be short and/or you’ll be able to play a game as it’s downloading. It was mentioned before that they’re doing away with Microsoft points and removing the ‘Arcade’ part of the name Xbox Live Arcade, as the term doesn’t fully apply to the sorts of games on XBLA anymore, i.e. full games, HD remakes, more achievements.

-Media Streaming & Porting-
One of the things I really envy PS3 owners for is the ability to copy music from a USB to the console. It made getting music for Tekken Tunes on Tekken Tag 2 really annoying, as I had to burn a disc haha. But it made me think that I’d really love to finally be able to copy music from USB just like saving pictures as themes. They mentioned at the Xbox Reveal that you’ll be able to play music during the game, just like the 360 can, but can it be music that’s streamed from your laptop or mp3 player just like the Xbox 360?

-Wallpapers & Themes, Customization-
On the subject of themes, i noticed that the Xbox One dashboard images had a black background, suggesting that we can set wallpapers as we always have. I wonder if we can still download themes (both free and premium) and I wonder what they would look like, how they would transform the dashboard etc. In regards to the dashboard as well, I’d like to know if we can edit the look of the dashboard in any way, such as moving around certain parts or removing them.

As you can see I have a lot of pressing questions that I want answered by Microsoft at E3 and I’m sure a lot of them will be answered, while the remainder of it will be answered in time. Despite all of the negativity surrounding the Xbox One I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as people have made it out to be and I honestly think we should wait till E3 to have all of our questions answered. And in the end the final verdict of whether the Xbox One is worth the time and money does not reside in E3 or even any of the news reports, it resides in the most important part of all of this: in the hands of the consumers when they purchase it. Till then, we can only know so much.


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