-Something to remember the free Revolution DLC weekend with-

It was a huge surprise to be given a chance to play the Revolution DLC map pack on Black Ops II for free, and I decided to play until I got the Peacekeeper (the DLC weapon that came with the map pack, hence being free this weekend) to max level. Aint gonna lie, I fell in love with the Peacekeeper; decent damage, decent fire rate and range, and it just looks really cool. It felt kinda pointless levelling it up as I won’t get to keep it, unless I buy the DLC that is, but it was incredibly fun playing with it. The whole play session made me wish I had decided to buy the DLC maps, and playing in those cool new locations reminded me of how fun it was to get fresh new maps; it keeps COD exciting and surprising even if it feels like it’s gotten samey to play. If I had enough money I’d definitely consider buying all the DLC map packs and/or getting the season pass just so I can try out all the maps, even if I won’t play the game much. If anything it’s worth it just for the experience. In order to immortalize the experience I had and remember the good times I had with the Peacekeeper and playing on the maps for free, here’s some screenshots from my play session:






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