-Halo: A Poem Interpretation-


Using the names of great tracks from the Halo series’ soundtracks I decided to make a poem about the Halo series. This was written some time ago on my deviant art: http://antimatter-radius.deviantart.com/art/Halo-A-Poem-Interpretation-133209897 and I also made a video for it, which you can check out down below. It’s a bit cheesy I suppose, but if you recognize the song names then it’ll make a lot more sense in the context of the story. Enjoy.

This Is Our Land. We No Longer Fear The Ghosts Of Reach, And We Acknowledge The Heavy Price Paid…

Heretic, Hero…Many Names Given To The Ones Who Traversed Across Earth City, Defending Humanity Until There Was Only One Left Standing; The Last Of The Brave. 

Under Cover Of Night, In A Perilous Journey, The Witness Of An Ambient Wonder On Many A Vast Terrain; The Shadow Of In Amber Clad Urges The Hero To Finish The Fight.

Though Gone, We Must Follow Our Brothers, For They Shall Remain Unforgotten. Perchance To Dream, This Task Won’t Be A Walk In The Woods. But As Brothers In Arms, We Must Be In Line For The Final Roll Call.

This Is The Hour, Where We Must Embark On The Greatest Journey, To The Farthest Outpost,  To Infiltrate And Destroy The Black Tower. “


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