-Short Stories/Poems By JST: Record Of A Lone Hero-

From: http://antimatter-radius.deviantart.com/art/Record-Of-A-Lone-Hero-162283160

To be ‘brave’ isn’t something which is determined from the beginning, but instead it is a title that is earned through struggle and victory.
Those who have fallen along the path to such an honour are testaments to those whom shall soon follow in their footsteps.
Having a brave soul is the first step in the journey to becoming a legend.

Many battles fought, and I often wonder if the decisions I made were the right ones. Enemies slain, friends lost; conflict is a continuous battle for existence.
It is only along the warpath I’ve travelled that has assured me of which side I’m on.
There is no good, there is no bad, for we all clash to claim our right to life.

Perched on a high platform, far above all the malice and destruction I’ve seen, I will contemplate my next move.
The storm is not over; it is yet to bear its true fangs in the night.
I cannot run, I cannot give up. I must stand up and fight.

There is a time for each person to realize a path of their own, a path which only they can walk till the end.
The threat is colossal, the risk is unimaginable, but the result is rewarding.
Do not be afraid to take the first step forward, stand up for yourself and push back whatever demons that try to destroy you.
You have one thing no enemy could ever break, and that is your desire to triumph.

Other people, other heroes fight battles unseen; still struggling to save what they hold dear.
In every encounter, in every showdown, the fire of bravery ignites the soul.
The final blow is delivered, the last warrior falls, the lone hero claims the desolate success.
Only when you reach this summit will you then have rightfully earned the immortal title of brave.


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