-Rant About Female Archetypes In Gaming/ Anime-


One thing I love about DOA5, and the DOA series in general, is that the female cast doesn’t have this annoying air of ‘girl power’ to them. By that I mean that they haven’t been conveyed to act like “look at us, we’re special cause we’re girls and we’re so much better than guys” or anything. Instead they’re just good looking and strong women and girls who have stories, motivations and personalities just like the guys do, without having to overemphasize their gender. There’s nothing wrong with particular personality differences based on gender, but I always find it annoying when the female cast is done to be either anti-men or feminist in some way, because it’s completely unnecessary.

It’s like the differece between your typical shoujo manga which always has an atmosphere of ‘woe is me, for men are so clueless but women are awesome’ and an anime like Pani Poni dash where the cast is 90% girls but they are neither held back nor propelled by the fact that they’re girls, but they’re still depicted to have vibrant and ‘girly’ personalities. I love Pani Poni Dash cause it’s one of the few anime with a predominant female cast and that I actually like; there isn’t a single girl character in that anime that’s annoying or frustratingly designed in some way, which is a hard thing to pull off.

So when I play a game like DOA5, or Arcana Heart 3 (an all girl fighting game) I can feel comfortable using or liking any character, regardless of gender, without having to feel somehow insulted by either the unnecessary white knighting of the female cast or their unnecessary ‘girl power’ attitudes. Just my opinion anyway. I love male and female characters in fighting games, even if I might not always play the female characters but I can appreciate how they’re designed and I love to watch them fight. But one thing that puts me off of girl characters in any form of media is when they act all “i don’t need no man” as a part of their personality, when I feel it’s just so damn pointless cause they can be a strong female lead without having to crap on guys as a byproduct. You don’t see the guys doing that (unless the character is designed to be an asshole) and it’d be called misogynistic, especially in a fighting game of all things, so why design girl characters to do so if it’d be bad if the men did that? It’s a matter of principle I think.

Still, I love it when I can appreciate female characters for who they are as people instead of when they’re purposefully conveyed as oppressed women for whatever reason. I’m sure there’s those who will be bound to get upset over this rant, but please read it again and understand that I’m not taking digs at feminism or girls in general, I’m instead mentioning my preference in girl archetypes, cause unless they’re designed to be feminist I think it’s completely unnecessary to have a man-hating personality in order to make them a strong female character. I only wish more animes could be like Pani Poni Dash where the girl characters aren’t so damned annoying, haha.


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