-Game Releases: June 2013-

E3’s coming up, and I can’t wait to see all the new games that will be announced for this gen and for the new consoles. Summer’s here and we may just be approaching the slow down period for big releases, at least until later down the line. Regardless, there’s some great titles coming out.

-Out Now-
-Minecraft (Xbox 360 Disc Copy)
-Remember Me

-June 14th-
-The Last of Us

-June 18th-
-Jak & Daxter Collection (PS Vita)

-June 25th-
-Project X Zone
-Muramasa Rebirth
-Ride to Hell Retribution
-Company of Heroes 2

From the short time I had with it, getting to play an alpha build demo, I saw that this game carries a very unoriginal concept but it has one of the most unique executions. With emphasis on character interaction, the collection of materials as survival tools and context based encounters, this is going to be a survival horror game unlike any other. While the concept of zombie apocalypse games may be tried and tested, The Last of Us looks like it’s going to mix up the formula considerably, with the talented development team behind the Uncharted series: Naughty Dog. PS3 owners should be looking to pick this one up as I believe it’s going to be a very dynamic experience.


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