-What The FPS Genre Means To Me & My Excitement For Next Gen Titles-

[Titan Fall, for Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One]

From witnessing the mech on mech gameplay and on-foot run n gun segments of Titan Fall, to seeing the real time destruction of a skyscraper in Battlefield 4, to seeing the dog in action which created a different kind of ‘breach and clear’ situation in the Call of Duty Ghosts exhibition the other day, I’m constantly reminded of why I love First Person Shooters.

The FPS genre is in a funny place right now. It started off relatively niche, with only a few big titles like Counter Strike, Quake and the original Halo making any big impacts. But it’s safe to say that now the FPS genre is a mainstream genre, with an undeniable prevalence in gaming media and community support. This success did not come without a price of course, with many people across the internet expressing their genuine disdain for first person shooting games, and even hate directed at games with any form of shooting at all, be them first or third person. While an individual’s bias against the genre is their own business, the undeniable success of FPS is matched only by the equally undeniable hate they receive. The hate of which I believe personally is way more vocal and visible in most forms of gaming social media, from youtube comments to facebook posts and twitter tweets. Essentially, anything popular gets a lot of hate, no surprise there.

[Call of Duty: Ghosts, for Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC]

The honest truth for me is that despite any person’s subjective value judgements of FPS games and how hard that they try to justify their hatred of those type of games, I can tell you with full certainty that it will never cause my opinion of them to falter. Being put in the perspective of a soldier fighting a war for the sake of honor and purpose, fighting your way through a sinking battleship at sea in Battlefield 4, excites me. Getting to try out new high-tech weaponry and utilizing new takedowns in visceral ways in Killzone Shadow Fall had me anxious to see more of the game. And even the very thought of being back in the universe of Call of Duty created by Infinity Ward already has me, a dedicated Call of Duty fan, hype through every bit of revealed Call of Duty Ghosts gameplay. Just like with any other genre of games I haven’t forgotten what it’s all about; the fun. The amazing, unforgettable subjective experience of being immersed in a world, immersed in a story that takes you to fascinating places and allows you to perform actions that are beyond imagination; that is a spark in gaming that has never died out for me. I’m open minded to games and as long as the game is fun I will play it, so i never shunned FPS for their presentation style and I still don’t now. FPS present an experience that no other type of game can deliver, putting the player practically into the body of the character, seeing through their eyes as events unfold, as if you were there yourself. From seeing the ship sink in the stormy sea during the first mission of Call of Duty 4, to blasting a satellite laser at an invading alien mother ship in order to save the earth during the final sequence of Crysis 3; moments like these have been some of the pinnacles of not only FPS gaming for me, but for gaming as a whole. No matter how much hate is directed at FPS, no matter how many people complain about their ‘oversaturation’ in the gaming market, or no matter all the biased whining about online FPS balancing, I will continue to enjoy FPS games as long as I am continually impressed. If FPS games continue to deliver such high quality entertainment as they have recently, then I definitely will be.

[‘Halo’ for Xbox One]

As the first day of E3 2013 comes to a close, I look to the future of FPS and I believe it is a bright and shining future. Killzone Shadow Fall, Destiny, Battlefield 4, Titan Fall, Call of Duty Ghosts and the teased new Halo game for Xbox One; all truly phenomenal titles that are coming to both this generation of games consoles and the next. Despite the huge news about the PS4’s pricing and used games policy, I am still interested in getting an Xbox One and will aim to get a PS4 if I would have the money (yes, I’m walking the path of the unfavorable opinion once again, which I’m used to, and I honestly don’t care about console wars). Just as I said in my article about how Killzone Shadow Fall marks the beginning of a new era of FPS entertainment I am fully confident in saying that the aforementioned new era of FPS entertainment is going to be a breathtaking thrill ride of adventure and discovery. If I could just snap my fingers and make all the unnecessary hate go away, I would, and if I could stop people from spreading hate and starting pointless arguments over a gaming genre when honestly they can just choose to ignore it, trust me I’d do everything in my power to do just that. But alas, I’m just one guy at the end of the day; one guy that appreciates a genre of video games and wishes that other people would either choose to do so or not bother to make a fuss about it if they didn’t appreciate it. For those of us who do appreciate the FPS genre, we can look forward to seeing our beloved genre thrive with new great titles that are coming soon.


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