-A View I Used To Enjoy-

Now that I’m back home in London I decided to pay a visit to a special spot of mine from a few years back, a place where you can see the entire of Bexley from. It’s not that the spot itself is anything special, in fact it’s actually quite unorthodox, but the view it has was always amazing. There was always a special reason to go there, all because of a special certain someone who made it worthwhile. Sadly time has passed and the special person is long gone, robbing me of both my reason to go there and what made it special in the first place. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a good view though, so I took it upon myself to get some images using my new camera phone. With the detail captured by the phone I can finally have pictures that represent what I always saw from that view, though the pictures aren’t perfect. Being there did get me thinking about everything that had happened with that special someone,  leading me to a bit of regret, but it’s been so long that it hardly matters now. I just hope that one day I’ll get to share this view with someone special once again.


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