My Top 3 Favorite Assault Rifles In Call of Duty Games

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With the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer details I’ve gotten more and more hype for the game; honestly can’t wait for it to come out!! It made me decide to play some MW2 again, cause while I have some leveling up left to do in MW3, I still find MW2 enourmous amounts of fun. I really love the guns in MW2, cause in my opinion they were the best looking: sleek, slightly futuristic and symmetrical. It got me thinking of what my favorite assault rifles are in all the COD games that I’ve played. Assault rifles and me have a long history; no matter what FPS game I play, assault rifles will always be my go to choice, and they’re usually the type of guns I do best with. That’s not me saying that they’re the ‘best’ in any game, but rather I enjoy using them the most out of all gun types. With that said, here’s my top 3 favorite assault rifles in each COD game:

-Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare-
One of the first FPS I got into seriously, and the game that made me realize how much I appreciate assault rifles.

M4 Carbine
Although it’s not the absurdly powerful, quadruple attachments monster it was in the campaign, the M4 was my go-to gun for most of my online COD4 play.

Extremely helpful in many parts of the campaign and one of the coolest looking guns in the game, the G36C was great fun to use once I finally unlocked it. A steady rate of fire and great iron sights made this one of the easiest to use.

Once I’d gotten over the fear of being judged for using it (cause you know how people HATED getting killed by this gun) I became the very menace that puts people off the game and began to use the dreaded M16!! Really powerful and surprisingly simple to use, even though I didn’t use burst fire guns much before it.

-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2-

Definitely my favorite overall game in the series, despite the multiplayer being an uncontrollable silliness at times. There’s so many awesome assault rifles in this game and I’d be temped to list 5 favorites instead of 3, but for the sake of this post I’ll contain my enthusiasm, haha.

Despite having one of the most annoying red dot sights to use, this gun has a special place in my heart for being the gun i first got 20 plus kills with!! Really cool looking and surprisingly balanced, to this day it’s probably one of my favorite guns in the whole series.

One of the first guns I saw in the MW2 multiplayer previews, the ACR was pretty popular for a while until everybody abandoned it for the Tar. I still liked it though, cause despite its weak damage it had astounding accuracy and was an all around well balanced gun. Another very cool looking gun that makes me appreciate MW2 all the more ❤

My favorite M4 version in the whole COD series by looks alone, this gun was the phenomenal starting gun in MW2 that carried me through each new prestige. While it was hard to pick between this and the truly awesome M16 in this game, this gun’s ease of use and satisfying fire sound makes it my 3rd fav in this game.

-Call of Duty: Black Ops-
This game may be my least favorite in the series, primarily cause of multiplayer, but the guns were definitely fun as always. Being able to customize the colors and red dot sights in whole new ways made using the guns feel even more personalized.

The gun that reminded me the most of the Tar-21 from MW2; the Enfield was the gun I stuck to for most of my time playing Black Ops online. Coupled with a red coat of paint and the predator red dot sight, it was good times running and gunning with this.

I was really surprised to find out that the Famas was full auto in Black Ops, and it subsequently became one of my favorite guns to use whenever things got tough. All purpose and with stats close to the Enfield, this gun was good times for anyone not afraid of being judged (as people didn’t like this gun, big surprise).

I remember that this gun was a LMG in MW2 so it was strange to be using a much lighter version in Black Ops but it was just as fun. This gun was (sadly) just as interchangeable as the other assault rifles but it was still satisfying to use.

-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3-
While this game may be the black sheep of the family for looking the same in a time when gamers had lost all common sense, this game is still one of my favorites in the series and in my opinion has the most balanced multiplayer. I may not like the look of everything in this game but I can’t deny that this was the multiplayer that I felt I had the most control. That and Face-off, Community Playlists and the montages I made for this were all hours of fun!!

ACR 6.8
ACR 6.8
A new, disturbingly powerful version of the ACR. I didn’t think it looked as cool as the ACR from MW2 but I couldn’t deny how good this gun was. It’s literally the gun that does everything.

G36c MW3
Even though this gun came back very different to how it was in COD4 I still managed to adjust to how it works and spent a great amount of time going to town with this thing. It’s not my favorite gun looks-wise, but whenever i use it I just have so much fun.

Definitely the most futuristic looking gun in the game, the FAD had the best fire rate of all the assault rifles and could pack a punch. The reload was tricky but once you got a hang of how it handled it was really awesome to use any time.

-Call of Duty: Black Ops II-
I always feel like this is the game that made the guns look cool and ‘futuristic’ again, with such a great variety to choose from that it reminded me of MW2. Some truly unforgettable guns in this game.

Not gonna lie, for the longest time I thought this gun was TERRIBLE.  When I first got into BOII I assumed that damage was all you need and that guns like this were crap. Turns out the gun is amazing and I was crap!! Haha. So when I finally did get down to using this gun i managed to get 50+ kills in my first game. Haven’t looked back since =D One of my fav in the whole series.

Type 25
Type 25
One of the coolest looking guns to have the Typhoon camo on, the Type 25 is the all purpose gun of the game that outshines even the MTAR in terms of ease of use. This was the gun I turn to when I just want to quickdraw on every person I see, it’s incredibly fun to use.

A nice throwback to the Tar 21, this gun was a great starter gun and still one of the easiest/funnest guns to use whenever I play. I did however struggle to find the right camo and sight to use on this cause nothing seemed to fit for the longest time, but I’ve finally settled for Millimeter scanner and Typhoon camo.

So that’s it!! These are all my favorite assault rifles in the COD series. I love assault rifles alot and I hope Call of Duty: Ghosts will amazing assault rifles that I can become attached to. From what I’ve seen so far the assault rifles are really cool, so I know I’ll definitely have a blast.


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