-Oreimo Season 2 – The Aftermath-


So Oreimo’s anime has finally come to an end and it was an ending that’s bound to keep conversation going for a while. Nothing short of controversial, the the last 3 OVA episodes that wrap up the events of the light novel turn what was otherwise a satisfying anime ending into a bit of a mess that’s very hard to forget. People commend the anime for how it’s managed to be progressive and different, non-cliche in a world of cliche harem anime endings. Yet, I feel like we’re missing the bigger picture here. I didn’t hate the ending, cause let me tell you this; the ending of Oreimo was a fuckery. Plain and simple. But, a fuckery that played itself out till the very end, fully realizing it was a fuckery. Despite all that, I can’t pretend that none of what happened in the ending didn’t, cause it most certainly did.

What bothers me about the ending of Oreimo is that if you look at the series as a whole, the last 3 ova episodes SHIT ALL OVER IT. If you stopped watching Oreimo at episode 13 then you did yourself the biggest favor. Where the anime ends is the perfect open-ended scenario where Kyousuke’s future with his sister looks normal, and he has a chance at love with many different awesome girls. It keeps the progression of the anime’s story intact, somewhat, and we can rest easy knowing that all the incest innuendos were just that; innuendos. But that is NOT the case with the 3 OVA episodes.


Was all their friendship for nothing?

People are quick to forget how this anime started; a girl with a dark and weird secret tries to come out of her shell to make friends with other otakus, with the help of her brother who takes many socially awkward bullets to help her out. They make friends, accomplish things, and reach new levels of understanding that demonstrate how while otaku lifestyle can be weird and disturbing, the people themselves are good people. Kyousuke and Kirino made new friends, shared new experiences and gained romance. All these things were great, the show had many funny episodes and touching moments. Even the siscon element of things was more along the lines of over-protective brother than anything else.

But this ending comes along to shatter all of that, and not cause of the incest. Personally, if this was the obvious natural progression of the anime, NOT the light novel, then you can’t blame the viewers for being shocked. Many people say how the anime’s tone and direction ignored alot of the hints that Kyousuke loved his sister and the anime was more about making lighthearted jokes about incest; it was always kept vague but funny. If this was the obvious goal of the show from the beginning then I wouldn’t have been bothered, but the fact that in episode 11 of the original season the title of the show was kinda fulfilled: Kirino said thank you at the party, a genuinely cute moment that showed that she was happy that he helped her make new friends and cope with her weird hobby. It was a moment that showed that they’d all developed friends and learned new things; finding contentment in their now happier lives. So now, we come to the ending of the second season, where drama after drama finally results in 1. Kyousuke breaking the hearts of all the girls who were interested in him, 2. losing his longtime childhood friend probably forever, 3. creating a short time FAKE relationship with his sister, all to 4. NOT END UP WITH ANYBODY. I do understand that people say it’s open ended and perhaps they’re still dating in secret, perhaps.


Were Ruri’s feelings expendable?

But truly, you can’t look at this series as a whole and be content with how this went down. All these people who wanted this and that match-up to happen seem to lack empathy, for the way Ruri screamed, for the way Ayase was devastated, for the way Manami was shocked. All for what? A fake relationship? People, they formed all these bonds, made all these friendships, to practically ruin EVERYBODY’S LIVES. See, I’m not angry at the characters, cause at least they admitted how fucked up they were and Kirino even lamented that her selfishness caused Kyousuke so much pain and it’s affected his friendships. I respect and understand that people wanted Kirino to end up with Kyousuke, fine, but it didn’t even go all the way, and their friendships are forever damaged by this event. To me, that’s the really unfair thing, to watch their happy ship of friendship to go down in flames, not even cause of incest, but because of letting all the girls down for a temporary relationship.

Sorry for the rant, but I really wanted to provide some perspective for this. TL:DR- I’m not happy that all the friends they made and times they had were pretty much for nothing in the end cause of what they did. I understand if you enjoyed the anime from start to finish, and the ending didn’t even bother you, that’s perfectly fine. Take it from a person who was a fan of the original season from the beginning; I really loved this anime, so it makes me even more sad to have seen it end this way.

Oreimo 2


4 thoughts on “-Oreimo Season 2 – The Aftermath-

  1. I completely agree with you. I wouldn’t mind if Kyousuke ended up with Ayase, Ruri or Kirino. The only one I’ve always thought was wrong in their way of doing things was Manami. Preferences aside, how can breaking hearts and ruining friendships be justified for something like a temporary relationship? All that build up went down the drain. For something that went that far, how could that be enough, after EVERYTHING they went through? Didn’t they said with all conviction that they would stay true to themselves and sacrifice everything for that one thing? How was hurting so many people be worth an ending like that?
    I don’t really care if incest is the issue, take a look at the big picture, ANY complication people might have in relationships would apply. Long distance relationships, hurt and forgiveness, trust and understanding, age difference, family status difficulties, and so on. If their goal was to never even to go through with it to the end, if they didn’t have the resolve, they shouldn’t even have started this fuckery at all.

    Final thoughts: I don’t know how to put it, but if I had to describe it in two words it would be: frustration and disappointment. Or if I had to put in a sentence-semipseudoquote-: It just tried so hard and got so far but in the end, what the fuck. 🙂

    • Pretty much. To me it’s sad because they acted so childish; to hurt all their friends and ignore how they felt about stuff. They realized they were being reckless in their decisions, but they ended up doing it anyway, only to say ‘ah whatever, reality sucks, what can we do’. If they’d realized that then they shoulda left it there and never created this mess. I admit, we can blame this on the author who pretty much did a 180 at the very end, cause it’s like he had created this incest ending but knew he couldn’t go through with it. In a twisted kinda way, the childishness of the characters is an emulation of the author’s own lack of spine (understandably, due to the sensitivity of the issue) and how you can talk a big game about incest but in the ‘real world’ not everyone will be happy about it. Realistically speaking, someone was going to get hurt. Cause if he loved any girl, similar things would happen. But the author cornered himself; he could either make Kyousuke go out with no one and leave it ambiguous, or make him love his sister and reap the consequences of a forbidden thing in reality. Instead, he tried to avoid both by making it happen and then calling it off, leaving Kyousuke all alone as if it’s karmic justice, when really it’s all a big bad cop out. I said it in my post; the anime’s ending is self complete, but the light novel’s ending is where the nightmare begins. Bottom line is this; either you DON’T make a story about incest, and make him choose a girl which wouldn’t be controversial, or leave it in the harem route. Or alternatively, go for incest but GO ALL THE WAY. Otherwise you not only hurt the characters, but you also hurt the viewers as well

  2. The reason the author didnt go through with it was due to the fact that a law was introduced in Japan halfway through the series that stated that incest was not allowed to be portrayed positively (unless it was published as an “Adult” novel). The publishers pressured the author to change the ending which is why it felt like a sudden 180 degree turn. I know it sucks, he even said he wanted to make a “Complete” Kirino ending.

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