-MW3- Finally Got The MOAB-

After nearly 2 years of owning this game I FINALLY got the MOAB I’ve been wanting to get for a long time. Feels like quite the milestone for me. But I’m not gonna brag and act like this was a one man show and that I’ll give people tips on how to do it, cause honestly it’s a whole lot of luck and a whole lot of support from good team mates. In an intense match of Infected I was one of the people who, instead of hiding, decided to try and take the fight to the Infected and was actively mowing them down. This was the most dangerous approach, cause all it takes is a random throwing knife to end your spree. So the fact that I made it as far as I did was not only cause I kept moving and was careful with picking up ammo, but also cause the team mates who helped me were also quite good, so thanks. Anyway, here’s the video. I’m so glad I finally pulled it off.


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