What Causes The Discrepancy In Perspectives Of Female Characters In Games?

Following up from my Voice of JST video: Female Power Fantasies In Games, a series of comments on the video got me pondering more about the core issues.

The question is: do women get offended by female character design because they feel that male designers are making prescriptive judgements? I would answer with a question: Why should that be the case? Why take one person’s preference in design to represent anything more than his artistic vision? It’s not like all women are narrow minded and can’t see beyond surface reasons for a character’s design. Also, let’s not forget that male artists draw more than one type of woman. And it’s ART, it’s FICTION. Who cares if it’s realistic or not. The bigger question is: why do men not feel threatened by male depictions in games whilst women do? Is it a fundamental difference in perspective? I should note however that both men and women get offended by female characters in games, so this is all conjecture. However, this article is trying to address the female perspective specifically and hopefully spark discussion.

Kojima's character design in MGSV has been heavily criticized

Kojima’s character design in MGSV has been heavily criticized

It could be that male and female sexual empowerment is different; women is physical and emotional, male is power and success, so when this is overtly depicted it causes issues. These attributes are interchangeable of course, so it’s not like a character can’t have all of the above. The problem starts from the belief that men are never depicted in the same sexual way, but that’s because they can’t really be done the same way. Big bulging boobs aren’t the same as a big throbbing man piece, mainly because a man’s piece is a sexually reproductive organ so depicting that is different. And it’s not like we have visible vaginas in our games just as much as we rarely have visible penises. There’s a lot of penises jokes or vag references in some games, always done in jest, but we don’t see any explicit sexual parts (unless the game has the rating for it). Also, for the sake of example, if we’re to flip the table on its head and have a big, bulging man piece flopping around, chances are guys would find it hilarious. Let’s not forget that dildos are a concurrent joke in crude games, such as the use of a dildo as a weapon in Saints Row The Third and Saints Row IV. Yet you’d never see someone running around with a plastic, fake set of boobs and beating them over the head with it, and if they did you could imagine the shit that the game would get for it. Ultimately though you’d see guys not kick up a fuss about sexual depiction whereas a lot of women tend to do so, regardless of context or reason.

Nathan Drake- a typical dudebro hero, stud and smooth talker

Nathan Drake- a typical dudebro hero, stud and smooth talker

One could say it’s the history of gaming as being a ‘male dominated culture’ that’s led women to feel that they’re not welcome and that they’re only worthy as objects within games. We know this isn’t true and that female characters are often treated with as much respect as the males ones, yet people are quick to cry ‘sexist’ whenever there’s a sexy character. I don’t want to go into the long contextual problem with calling sexy characters ‘sexist’ but I will say that I believe it’s false to say this. I’ve already talked at great lengths about female characters in games in my various videos, so I don’t want to tread familiar ground. And I know it really comes down to opinion and preference, but I’d really like to know what it is about men that lead them to not be offended by unrealistic or absurd depictions of men or male sexuality whilst women easily get offended by it. Is it purely due to the fact that women feel like female characters are designed by sexist, sexually repressed men? Do they feel that their prescriptive judgements shine through the character?



I don’t believe that women can’t play characters unless it’s done by a woman, cause that implies that women developers will only develop female characters that women will like by default. This doesn’t happen; not in games and not in fiction. The designer of Bayonetta was a woman and Bayonetta is a character that doesn’t stop getting criticized. The author of 50 Shades of Grey is a woman yet people always talk about how stupid and submissive her depiction of the main female character is. Men designing men and women in fiction get criticized just as much as women designing men and women in fiction. I’ve already mentioned in one of my videos how I don’t believe simply getting more female developers will allow women to feel more represented, because in the end the artist’s depiction of the character or their characterization might still be subject to scrutiny. Think of Code Geass’ character designs, an anime where the guys are bishonen and lanky as hell, but the women are also very lanky but very busty as well.  The designer of Code Geass, CLAMP, is group of women that make shonen anime but with very bishonen looking guys. CLAMP receives a TON of criticism all the time for this and it’s an example of how not all women will make female characters that appeal to women alone,

Does Ada's voice actor think Ada is a 'sexist' design?

Does Ada’s voice actor think Ada is a ‘sexist’ design?

In the end, it comes down to either artistic expression or target audience. A male or female artist might want to create characters with big, absurd boobs because it’s something they like or because they want to appeal to an audience. Anime and manga artists do this all the time and it’s no different with game developers. So in regards to whether the offense comes from male designers alone is inconclusive. However, if there exists women who design, voice act, cosplay and generally appreciate female characters that others might find sexist then it really just goes back to the ultimate term to describe most morally relative things: opinion.


18 thoughts on “What Causes The Discrepancy In Perspectives Of Female Characters In Games?

  1. My boyfriend likes to play as female characters in games! I find it offensive that women are sexualised to appeal to a male audience! It makes me feel inadequate and damaged my self esteem, because the women are portrayed as having inmensely skinny figures with huge boobs, cute faces and don’t even get me started on the outfits used in the majority of cases! Lets face it, in reality, women aren’t like that! I never considered myself ugly or fat until I started seeing this more and more. Now I can’t even be in the same room as him when he plays these kinds of games.

    Men are not sexualised in games. Ok, a lot of the men have overly muscular bodies, but they aren’t made to be appealing to women. The majority of women are not influenced in the same ways that men are, and for me, when women are made to look like sexual objects, it becomes less about a game, and more about the sexual influences that are on offer.

    • That’s not exactly accurate; women in real life have different body types, and some have the kind of bodies you see in games, hence why we have female cosplayers of these sorts of characters. Also, sexualization of men and women works in different ways, and certain looks appeal to different people, but that’s another topic. And why should your esteem be hurt by fictional characters? They’re not real, it’s a fantasy setting and their design is for the purposes of telling a story/entertainment. And it’s not like all the women in games have the same body type, even games with oversexualized characters have different body types. I’m sure your opinion is set in stone but honestly it’s not that black and white. You shouldn’t feel low self esteem from fictional characters in anything to be fair.

      • Yea, those people that look like that in society are generally fake! It’s very rare to find someone who is a size 0 with natural DD+ boobs!

        Aside from that, your view is influenced by the way society tells us to think. Women in general are sexualised and it’s seen as ok! This is why you get 12 year old girls going to school looking as if they are applying for a job in the red light district! Regardless whether you agree with this, this is how it is and it really needs to change.

        My point is merely that the female characters in games are not made for female gameplay, only to engage men through sexualisation of the female body: not for the purpose of telling a story. It is wrong that this is acceptable.

        And yea, my opinion is pretty much set in stone because I have the perspective of a female that has grown up in a society that tells you you should dress, act and be a certain way for the sole purpose of gaining male interest!

        These maybe fictional characters, but the ideas and motives behind them are very real! The attraction, appeal or beautification behind the characters is real! And the thing that hurts the most, is the amount of effort my bf goes to to make his female characters “beautiful” as quoted by him! And apparently his standards of beautiful are very different from the way I am!

      • Y’know I thought I wouldn’t reply to you cause at this point I feel like you’re just talking at me and you haven’t actually read my article fully, but still I must address a lot of what you said.

        Firstly, I didn’t say there’s anyone that exists with a ”size 0′ and ridiculous boob size, I said that there’s some women with the figures in games. You say that these characters aren’t directed at a female audience yet women DO play these games and enjoy these characters; you’ve got your opinion, but you’re not the voice for ALL women. Cause there’s female cosplayers, female voice actors, female gamers who all enjoy these characters regardless of their sexualization.

        Let’s not forget that not every woman is offended by sexulization because they might enjoy that type of thing in the first place. You can’t just think it’s offensive based on your viewpoint, stop a second and take a look around on the internet at the vast amount of female gamers and they won’t all agree with you. To say my viewpoint is ‘influenced by society’ is absurd; you don’t know me, and from the very little you seem to think you know you’ve made sweeping generalizations. Perhaps if you read all my articles on women in gaming and watched my videos then it’d paint a better picture.

        Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a woman to have an opinion on this sort of thing and I know women personally that would disagree with you. It’s basically saying ‘I;m a woman therefore i’m right about this and you’re not cause you’re a man’. I won’t assume nothing based from that, but that’s how it sounds. I have first hand experiences of my own about stuff but it doesn’t make me any more valid that someone trying to express concern from third person.

        I also don’t need a lecture on how narrative direction is or how characters designed is shaped by aspects of realities. But the bottom line is that this is FICTION. I said that in this post; in fiction, the artist, be them male OR female, can design something however the hell they want. Perhaps if you cared less about what society thinks and cared about your own way of thinking then you wouldn’t even make that argument.

        And just cause someone’s ok with sexualization doesn’t mean they’re ‘influenced’ by society. Not all people are the same, and their motivations are different. Just cause you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s ‘unacceptable’. Saying to me that ‘this is reality’ is valid in so far as that it’s what happens in reality but it doesn’t mean that all people, especially consenting adults, aren’t allowed to appreciate sexualization in any shape or form.

        And as an aside, to call ‘those people’ fake is really childish; you don’t know them, you haven’t met them and assuming any women with big boobs is fake is quite frankly ridiculous. You seem to think you’re representing women by saying all this stuff is offensive but did it ever occur to you that some women, like women who have nice figures and big boobs, might be offended by what you’re saying? Or do they not count cause their ‘influence by society’? Are only the people that agree with you valid?

        Look, you’ve got your opinion and I’ve got mine. But outside of that you need to put your own self esteem to the side to actually look at how other people are, not just what you think based on ‘society’ or whatever. It’s not all that black and white. Seriously.

      • Let me also tell you this; in gaming, not everyone is so prudish or immature to think that just cause a female character is sexualized then they should only be regarded as sex objects. It’s an absurd assumption that many people throw out which makes NO sense, when in fact the majority of gamers will play the character for what they’re their for; gameplay. Of course we can oogle the characters all day or maybe even look images up, but in the game they’re there to be played. Let me ask you this; what do you know of competitive fighting games? Do you know about how in the Dead or Alive series, the one that people say is so ‘oversexualized’ or that people only see the women as ‘objects’; in that game, people play the male AND female characters to the highest level, with characters like Helena, Christie and Kasumi being top picks. Just look up ANY DOA5 or DOA5U tournament to see people playing these characters, they’re not just slobbering idiots fauwning over the girl characters as ‘objects’ while only playing the male ones. People tend to respect the female characters in games if they’re well designed as GOOD CHARACTERS, regardless of how sexy they are. Being sexy doesn’t mean that they’re bad or only aimed at a female audience. One of the best fighting game players in the world is named Kayane; a french female player who uses a lot of the so called ‘sexualized’ female characters. Mind you, in fighting games alot of female characters are just as strong as the male ones if not better, because looks don’t matter and they just determine characterization. Other powerful girl characters currently include Cammy in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Morrigan in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Kokonoe in the recent BlazBlue games, and some of these characters are definitely sexualized. But does that mean that only guys like these characters? Or that we only view them as objects? No, we play them for what they are; characters. Seriously, take an honest good look around at other people’s experience of female characters in games ESPECIALLY other female gamers and you may be surprised to see that not everyone agrees with what you think reality is. I’ve said my peace, so if at this point you want to still wax lyrical about how you think i’m ‘influenced by society’ and ‘big boobed women are fake’ then this conversation will go nowhere.

      • However, given your previous comments, I’m sure you’ll just ignore all I’ve said and re-iterate the same points. At this point you’re free to think what you want but talking at me won’t change what I’ll say, just as much as it seems that me talking to you won’t make you consider what I’ve said either. Feel free to not reply cause as I said this conversation is going nowhere, that’s not me trying to hinder your freedom of speech but rather it’s me pre-emptively suggesting that our conversation need not go in circles. That is all.

  2. Firstly, I want to defend myself as you twisted some of my points. I did not automatically assume that anyone is fake, I merely said that the majority of women who have a size zero figure or close to with oversized boobs are generally made of plastic. Don’t get me wrong, not all of them by any means, one of my best friends is extremely skinny and has huge boobs. Her body is amazing, but does that mean she walks around barely clothed, no it doesn’t. And I have friends who have had breast enlargements, does it make them bad people, no it doesn’t, does that mean that they have to show off their boobs at every opportunity they get, no it doesn’t, because they got it for their own esteem, not for anybody else.

    Some women are ok with sexualising themselves, that still doesn’t make it morally right. It shouldn’t be ok or acceptable for women to be objectified or undignified, but let’s not pretend that it’s only women here. I respect your view however, and agree that everyone is entitled to do what they like.

    I did read your entire article, just to clarify that point, however, I probably did take it out of context slightly. And I apologise if I made you feel as though I didn’t value your points as you are a man, that wasnt my intention, nor to sound like the voice of all women. I also like to game, and if the option is there, then I always pick a female character. I like my character to look pretty and feminine, however, not to look as though she’s about to go walk the streets, nor overly unrealistic, and that is where the difference lies.

    Let me also point out that my views on this generally relate to customised characters that people can alter. You will find that the majority of men playing female characters make them overly skinny, with ginormous breasts, wearing next to nothing, however, the majority of women playing female characters are more realistic in proportions and tend not to run around practically naked. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are women out there that do play that way, but they are in the minority by far.

    You, yourself talked about the “target audience”, let’s just look at this for a moment. Female character, oversized breasts, majorly skinny and sexualised…. Who is this going to appeal to, for the majority, it’s men. This, in general, and only on general, does not appeal to a female audience.

    Also, if you look at the comments men make about their reasoning behind playing a female character, it’s simply “because if I’m gonna play a game for hours then I’d rather look at a females ass”, or “they look better then the men”. That’s because they are made to visually appeal to men.

    Again, I apologise if I offended you, or made you feel as though I was trying to belittle your arguments. I do stand strongly behind my opinions, and feel that the majority of women, at least that I know, will feel the same at least on some of the points I’ve made, but you also gave me something to think about

    • Good, I appreciate your honesty and respect that you took my points into consideration. You’re right, that guys do like playing female character just as much as male ones, sometimes cause they like looking at sexy girls, but that depends on the guy.

      And you are right again, having a sexy body or nice boobs doesn’t mean a woman should flaunt it if she doesn’t want to. I was merely pointing out in this article and in my comments that male and females do this by choice and male and female artists might depict characters as such.

      Of course sexualized and sometimes sleazy stuff isn’t for everyone, and it’s hard to justify certain stuff, however I was trying to express that it’s not just all guys or whatever, it’s men and women that tend to enjoy this, even though morally it’s hard to defend it.

      When it comes down to it, it’s all about choice. A guy or girl could choose to appreciate the characters in Code Geass for example, but they might also be offended by it. Similarly, a girl might want to play a sexualized female character and later cosplay as them, just as much as another might not. I made a podcast going into depth about what women might consider as ‘female power fantasies’ and I speculate what different women might enjoy as characters that represent them or characters they like the look of.

      Every woman’s different, and obviously some women don’t like the look of the barely clothed sexualized ones. However, i did point out in this article that men don’t seem to get offended by the male depictions in games whereas a lot of women do for female characters; guys will play any manner of absurd looking guys. To use fighting games again; people play all these fighting game characters that are shirtless, with impossible muscles and stunning looks all the time, yet people turn around and say that only the girls are ‘unrealistic’;.

      Ultimately I wanted to shed some light on the subject and describe how both men and women have different opinions on the topic. I’m glad that you were able to take my points into account and given your concise response I respect your opinion.

      • I agree that male characters do not come under the same scrutiny that the female ones do. This is because men generally don’t get offended by this, and females don’t have a problem with an overly unrealistic portrayal of the male body.

        The reason why females get so offended with this is because they are competitive with the way that they look. Their self esteem is easily damaged and they are forever comparing themselves against one another. I’m sure this isn’t the same for all women, but I would say the majority care about the way they look and feel. There is so much pressure from different forms of media to look attractive, to have a perfect body and large boobs, and the majority do not, and even when they are beautiful, do not feel that way.

        I know that I get offended by the sexualisation of women because when I was in my teens, I was subject to the same pressures and made a lot of bad choices that wouldn’t have occurred had this form of pressure, not just from games, not been there. I still, to an extent, feel that way, but refuse to fall under the same traps that many young women do and remain dignified, or at least try to outside of the house.

        I read an article not long ago about how if young girls are using characters that are sexualised, then they are more likely to objectify themselves when they get older. It shouldn’t be something that we encourage amongst young people, but then a lot of this boils down to incompetent parenting where children have access to games way beyond their age range.

        Yes, both males and females play games in this way, you are right about that. But I do feel that turning a character in to a sexual object can be damaging for those who are young, male or female.

      • I suppose, but i think it depends on how well those kids are taught. Cause yep, it’s down to parenting. I understand what you mean about the self esteem thing, and i sorta know about how women are competitive.

        Tbh, the purpose of my blog posts and videos isn’t to change opinions or make everyone like sexualized characters. I’m trying to just spread knowledge and prevent ignorance; cause lately people are quick to call sexualized characters bad and say that it’s even ‘sexist’ or woman hating.

        I just wanna correct that assumption. Of course, sexualization isn’t something those who are ill-informed should be subject to, and the media would have you believe that sexy women are objects yeah. But i wanna promote the opposite; that in entertainment and arts, women designs can be done however as long as they’re well written.

        I think comparing yourself to any fictional character is stupid; guy or girl, fictional characters shouldn’t be something we ‘look up to’, so I find is strange that people would do that. Of course we can believe in their ideals and like their style and qualities, but when it comes to the physical side I think it’s something to take with a pinch of salt. Games are different to movies and music in the way that we are in control of people in a fantasy world, therefore the designs of characters are more descriptive than prescriptive; as in their more based on artistic expression than making statements.

        The ultimatum, I believe, is that for gaming to move forward, the men and women that are opposed to sexualization need to understand that those games aren’t for them and they need to stop treating it like it’s bigger than it is. Of course they can go and play more wholesome games, that’s fine, but they shouldn’t hate on what other people like. That way, no one would have to feel pressured about what they want to enjoy. My goal, if anything, is to promote fairness for all people in the gaming community

  3. I actually find your view points very interesting and it’s hard to counter argue against some of the points you make. I do think it’s stupid to not only compare yourself with unrealistic game figures, but also to anyone really because everyone is different an has unique qualities, however, people, including myself, do this regardless. This is especially true when it comes to women.

    I am curious to know whether you yourself enjoy playing as sexualised female characters, or if this merely doesn’t bother you either way?

    Thing is, a lot of parents don’t bother teaching their children morals an correct social behaviour, instead, allowing them to play on games they know nothing of for extended periods of time. Children pick things up really quickly, and if they see women objectifying themselves/men objectifying them, then they see this the norm even in the real world. Again, I know this isn’t exactly what you’re trying to promote, but it is, nonetheless, an issue that does occur.

    I don’t see that my view point is ignorant, and I do try to take other people’s views on board and remain open minded, but I don’t personally see how sexualisation in any form should just be just socially accepted. I mean, it happens, and it does a lot, but I can’t see a positive contribution to the world through this format. I can think of multiple instances where it has been damaging, but nothing really positive as such.

    I do think that it’s a little unfair to say that those who are against the sexualisation of characters on games, should only play more wholesome games. Lets face it, the reason that this stuff is put into a lot of games is to appeal to a mainly male audience and it does in no way enhance the gameplay experience. Those games that have a good reputation and receive good reviews will sell no matter what the characters are wearing and therefore, to me, seems irrelevant and even desperate in some cases. In some games, women’s clothing doesn’t even fit the style of game, for example, it makes little or no sense for a women to be running around in her underwear or little more while against people with guns. I do get your point though, but I do find that these days it’s very hard to find a game without any exploitation of women, and people like me, shouldn’t be restricted to playing bejewelled.

    Some sort of fairness or in between does need to be established, but I think that it’s going to be very difficult or even impossible to keep both ends of this debate happy.

    • Well that’s just it though; the sexualization shouldn’t have to matter, because if a character is well written and justified then the game can be enjoyed anyway. I wasn’t trying to suggest that people should only stick to games like puzzle games or completely non-offensive games, they can play whatever genre they want. But it’s common sense that if you don’t enjoy/like something then you should stay away from it.

      I get that you’re opposed to sexualization, and that’s fine, I never said that everyone should like it. But it’s not fair to ruin it for those who do like it. Sure it’s not ‘necessary’ and games can do well without it, and indeed some games have sexualized characters that are out of context, in which case I would agree that they shouldn’t have been designed that way.

      However, in the cases where their design is justified and the fanbase, male and female, enjoys it, then I believe that it’s ok to have it there. My issue, as I’ve mentioned, is people saying that ‘it shouldn’t be done’ or ‘remove it so I can enjoy this too’. That’s not really fair. I believe that we can have the same kinds of games designed for people with those sensitivities without having to sacrifice the games that already have sexualization. That way everyone’s happy.

      I know you don’t like it, and truth be told a lot of people do. But wouldn’t it better if you could have more games for you to enjoy and let other people have theirs? Is it really fair to say ‘i think sexualization is bad, therefore no one else should be allowed to enjoy it?’ Quite simply, there’s something for everyone. And if the gaming industry can market to different demographics then it can only get better.

      To answer your question about how I feel about sexualized characters; i’m fine with them, as long as I like the character themselves. They can be designed however and I won’t mind as long as I like them. I’ll play fully armored soldiers or bare chested martial artists, to technosuit femme fatales or skimpy dressed heroines. To me, what matters is who they are on top of how they look. Of course how I feel isn’t how I think everyone should feel, but I’d at least hope that as gamers we can respect each others’ choices. It’s really that simple in my opinion.

      Cause thing is, for years I’ve liked and respected female characters in games, sexy or not, but only recently have people come into the gaming community and started pointing fingers and saying ‘this is misogynist and if you enjoy it you’re sexist, and we need to stop making games like DOA’, and that’s what I disagree with. Sure, more people who play games have different tastes and they don’t like the sexualized stuff or lack of female characters, that’s fine. I believe more game should be tailored towards them, we shouldn’t force companies that make games with stuff that might be considered offensive to stop. Otherwise we restrict creative freedom and gaming becomes whitewashed and narrow minded, trying to appeal to everyone by doing next to nothing stylistic.

      That’s why I said each side has to give something up; more games and consideration for people who like how games are right now, and more understanding and patience from those who get offended easily. It’s not easy, but gaming will go nowhere if we cannot accomplish even this.

    • Also consider that while you may be opposed to the stuff, and a lot of people are, it still is down to how you deal with it. It may sound harsh but if you don’t like it then at best, don’t play it. You say it doesn’t enhance the gameplay experience but in a way it does; the artist’s depictions of a character determine how someone views them. Without any kind of sexiness to characters it would leave no lasting appeal, and not just to men but to women either. If all game characters were always designed to have no defining proportions or anything that made them attractive then it’d be a waste of the medium; gaming allows artistic expression in a variety of ways. Also consider that it’s not all that bad; you view it as bad, and that’s fine, but the majority of people don’t, men and women. And if people are ok with it, can you see how people coming in and saying ‘it’s not ok’ won’t go down with them? It’s why i said if people want more games with what they want then it should be made, but we shouldn’t have to sacrifice what we enjoy (which most of the time isn’t as bad or as “over sexualized” as people make it sound) just to make them happy. I do appreciate how you see now that it’s not all black and white, and that it takes more careful consideration.

  4. You posted this a while ago but I just came across this now. I haven’t read the comments, but I’m only responding to your actual blog post.

    To me, the problem isn’t female characters being represented as sexual beings. This is important. Sometimes I do want to play that femme fatale character where I get to just use my sexuality to my advantage. Why not? You’re right, it is according to an artist’s vision of their story. If the story calls for a sexually appealing woman who uses her sexuality, then go for it. Sometimes a story won’t, sometimes a story will have a girl like Faith or Lightning, and that’s fine too.

    The problem, for me, is the variety. There’s too much of the first kind of girl – the sexually appealing girl – to the point where I think most developers think this is the only way they can market games that includes female characters. I don’t ALWAYS want to play the character with the big boobs and an outfit that consists only of a thong. That doesn’t make up my whole personality, so to me it makes sense that I should have a variety of characters that I can play when I feel like playing a sexual character and when I feel like playing a more toned-down character.

    That’s changing slowly though, and I’m glad, but there’s a lot that still needs to be done to address this. I hope more developers and marketers learn from the successes of Portal and Bioshock Infinite show that games can have “normal” girls and can still draw in a huge audience to amazing stories.

    • Fair enough. Though I should point out that the word ‘normal’ in reference to women is problematic, since there’s no ‘normal’ type of woman. Since all women are different, obviously. And often the female character needs to be in the context of the game. I get what you mean that you don’t always want to play the sexualized character, though I’m not sure what you define as sexualized. I get that it’s your preference and that’s perfectly fine. I wouldn’t say that developers only use sexualized female characters because it’s all they know, it’s just that in the majority of those games the fantasy plays a big part in the artistic style and presentation, so often the female and male characters are highly over-exaggerated, like in fighting games and RPGs. I do agree that there should be variety for those who want it, but the variety would be contingent on the game and artist’s ideas.. The problem starts when people start saying that sexualized characters need to stop being made, cause that’s against artistic expression as I mentioned. Whatever your preference, as long as there’s something for everyone then it should be fine. =]

  5. Name one game where the hero is a 50 something 300 pound fat guy.. I get tired of playing muscle bound ruggedly handsome guys but there will never be a game where I am represented in it and I don’t want it to be it would not be realistic. A guy running round shooting guns and doing back flips would not weigh 300 pounds.

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