People are ashamed of the female body. They treat it as lewd and erotic, simply because a little skin is shown. Western society has lead us to believe that if a woman is dressed with even her ankles showing it’s a sign that she’s not ‘self respecting’ because she might want impure things. Even if she DOES want impure things that’s HER CHOICE and nobody has a right to tell her to change her look, just as you wouldn’t condemn a guy for dressing up with little clothing. Even I have to agree that it’s hella sexist to criticize a woman who actively seeks sex as a ‘slut’ when a man who actively seeks sex is given a fairer judgement. Men and women should be allowed to act how they want as adults, and ‘equality’ means giving both sexes fair judgement.

A guy’s outfit can be reduced to a speedo and no one will bat an eyelid since there’s nothing to see there, but a woman in a bikini is a cause for controversy and even called ‘sexist’. What’s sexist to me is this idea that women can’t show skin or that female characters can’t be designed with revealing outfits. If you ask me, it’s sexually repressive to condemn women for wearing certain things, cause as long as they have their reasons for it and they know what it means then they should wear what they want. People are so ashamed of the female form in western society that they don’t realize that they’re being sexist by inadvertently saying women should cover up all the time, whilst insinuating that male nudity doesn’t matter. Of course, men and women’s bodies are different and women showing their boobs is different to a guy’s chest. But people forget; a woman’s boobs are NOT a sexually reproductive organ, so seeing them isn’t the same as seeing a vagina or a penis. Of course women shouldn’t go bare chested in public, but the simple act of showing boobs or dressing provocatively shouldn’t be demonized. Human beings are social and sexual animals, and sexual expressions should not be treated as if they’re taboo. A woman’s chest is something she owns, not anyone else, and I believe it’s something she should have the free control to do with what she wants.

In my opinion, true sexism is to criticize a woman for showing skin when you don’t criticize a man for doing so. Whenever a guy is shirtless in public, wearing only shorts, people might brush it off as ‘ah, what a show off’ or ‘jeez, put a shirt on’. But if you see a woman in a bikini or low cut top it’s always ‘oh, what a loose woman, what a slut, she’s not self respecting’. When really, it was her choice. As long as she knows that she’d get attention for it and she knows she’s out to look sexy for people to see then who are YOU to tell her she’s not self respecting. It’s that self respect that informs the conscious choice to dress that way, otherwise she’d wear something that shows no skin at all. Same goes for female characters in games and movies; if the developer/director’s choice is to portray a sexy and strong character then by all means that’s their choice. Selective bias makes me sick; when people blow up a female character’s design but say nothing for male character design. What IS that if not sexism?

Whenever someone thinks he’s fighting against sexism by getting angry at a female character in a video game with skimpy clothing it simply proves that he or she wants her covered up. If you’re so scared of boobs and women’s skin then perhaps you shouldn’t be playing video games or watching movies, or more specifically you shouldn’t play those games and complain. We can’t possibly claim to want equality between sexes when it’s always an issue when women show skin even though people don’t apply this rule to men or male characters in games and media. Age ratings exist on media to protect children from seeing stuff they shouldn’t, so ‘think of the children’ is always a terrible excuse. If you go to a beach or a pool of course you’d expect to see women in bikinis or skimpy outfits, and it’s not like you can condemn them there for that. So all you misguided white knights who think you’re fighting for all of womankind by claiming sexy outfits are sexist you need to take a step back and think logically. Not ALL women are ashamed of their bodies or the female form in general. Not ALL women believe that sexy outfits are sexist or that women/ female characters should always dress modest. Not ALL women fit into the B cup, no curves, no provocative outfit paradigm that you seem to have assigned to women. So it’s time to wake up and smell the diversity. And perhaps then you’ll understand what ‘gender equality’ ACTUALLY means.