-The Problem With Yozora From Haganai [Rant From MAL Forums]-

To be honest I had Yozora figured out from the beginning, especially with the whole childhood friend back story…however what bothered me was how she not only decided to keep him in the dark about it for SO long, she finally confesses and uses the weak excuse of ‘i was too embarrassed’, basically robbing him of his best friend when he was a kid, and then she proceeds to belittle him and sometimes insult him for no reason throughout the series. On top of that, I agree with everyone else: insulting and hitting Sena constantly, and that whole rape stuff was so dark, yet she’d get Sena to apologize (like in the OVA, that pissed me off), she’d be a downer for no reason when really she wants to do stuff just like Sena does.
See, I don’t think Sena’s perfect, but at least her emotions are simple to read and she tries; she obviously likes Kodoka and her heart is in the right place, so for Yozora to constantly be hitting her and calling her meat, it’s funny for a while especially when Sena deserves it, but eventually all it becomes is a girl verbally abusing another girl, and it stopped being funny when Sena doesn’t fight back. I don’t hate Yozora, and I definitely wanted to like her, but it seems that for every bit of development she gains all she does is shit on people and take the moral high ground, it really began to bother me. Also, when you’re the only girl treating the main guy character like crap in a comedy anime where everyone gets to both joke and be the butt of jokes, you just stick out like a overly serious sore thumb.
The thing about Sena is that while she seems like a shallow and conceited girl on the surface, she’s actually got a vibrant and hilarious personality. She’s not afraid to admit that she’s wrong and funny stuff always happens with her. She developed quite a bit during the first season and it makes a lot of sense for Kodoka and her to get closer. So the constant name calling from Yozora and scenes like the beach one where Yozora said a plethora of horrible things to her and the OVA ep where Yozora depicted her getting raped in the story and acted like Sena’s comeback was worse; all of that REALLY bothered me. Not because I’m sensitive and I don’t think rape jokes are funny, but because given the situation it wasn’t fair to Sena at all.Whilst Yozora’s teasing can be hilarious, i feel like she’s also a bit immune to the comedy also. Sena is the seemingly stuck up rich girl who has a strong affinity for visual novel games and is actually quite innocent. Rika is the typical fujoshi/hentai lover and always gets reprimanded for it. Kobato and Maria are both quirky, cute and funny and both their interactions make for some funny silly fights. Yukimura is your standard trap that has that weird samurai code thing and is alot of fujoshi bait for Rika. And of course Kodoka is the centre of attention and jokes most of the time. Essentially, every character manages to both be in on and joke and be the butt of a joke, so when you have a character like Yozora just shitting on people or ruining the mood, it becomes annoying. It’s funny when her rivalry heats up, but her whole morally superior bullying attitude becomes absurd.

Within the context of an anime like Oregairu it made sense to have that cold girl character type, since a lot of the characters in that anime deserved to hear what the main girl said, but that anime also showed how sometimes you just take it too far and hurt people’s feelings. However, Yozora never feels that way and just thinks that it’s funny to taunt everyone. I dunno, i really wanted to like Yozora too, but the lack of progression in her character and how she sorta ruins stuff got annoying after a while

Perhaps the final straw for me was the last episode; after the mumbo-jumbo of a conversation about their childhood friendship, instead it was ‘Just call me Yozora’ and boom, it’s back to being awkward acquaintances again…But why? She was so enthusiastic about meeting him again, even went as far as to talk to her invisible friend. Yet her personality does a 180 when she does start talking to him, she acts hella jealous when anyone gets close to him and instead antagonizes him cause of it or hits him, and she won’t ever open up to him herself even though she wants to. Hell, she even said that they’re ‘acquaintances’ now, not friends. At least Sena 1. realized that Kodoka cared about her and understood that her pompous attitude can get her in trouble and 2. doesn’t act like a complete tsundere whenever she ends up doing something embarrassing in front of him, which was refreshing. All of the characters in this anime are flawed yet likeable in their own ways, especially Kodoka, Rika and Kobato, but Yozora doesn’t even TRY to develop as a character. Kodoka developed, Sena developed and even Kobato developed in her own way, yet Yozora refused to change even till the very endAlso, for all these people who’re saying that we should ‘understand’ Yozora or that she’s meant to be like that. A couple of things:
1. ANY character with bad traits can be made likeable if steps are taken for us to sympathize with them, but that’s rarely done with Yozora
2. losing your best friend cause of a selfish decision that you made doesn’t give you a free pass to be an asshole to people for the rest of your life. I KNOW what Yozora’s been through, and I UNDERSTAND why she is the way she is. But does that make it ok? Does it make it perfectly fine for her to degrade people, hate people who have friends and shit on Sena 24/7? No it freaking doesn’t.

So no, I don’t hate Yozora. But I can’t like her either

[Rant from thread on My Anime List forums: http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=376457&show=0%5D

4 thoughts on “-The Problem With Yozora From Haganai [Rant From MAL Forums]-

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  3. Hello, I know I am about 5 years late to the party but I just finished the first 12 episodes and I don’t think I can bring myself to watch the OVA because of how awful she acts. Looking at old forums on the topic, she may or may not have been presented in a better light in the manga but for all intents and purposes she has single handedly ruined this show for me. Which sucks because I was really enjoying it…

    • The OVA is still fun, but it’s a bit rough because she bullies Sena and says some alarming stuff. But honestly, don’t worry. Season 2 is incredible, check out my review on it! Even makes Yozora likeable

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