-SFxT 2013: Pandora Kills Collection [Compilations 1-6]-

Here it is: the definitive Pandora kills video that you need to see. The Pandora Kills Collection brings together all 6 of my Pandora Kill Compilation videos into one, non-stop SFxT hype video. You can click the annotations to jump to whichever video you want or you can just watch the whole thing through.  Please enjoy, but more importantly please use this as an example of why Pandora is useful. Cause enough is enough.

Pandora is viable. If this isn’t proof then I don’t know what is. Go to the lab. Pick your team. Experiment, make tech, try it out. All these guys did was try, why don’t you? I’m tired of hearing that ‘nobody’ uses Pandora or that it sucks or whatever. It’s situational and it shouldn’t be used all the time, but follow the examples before you and utilize the mechanic. You’d be surprised how hype and satisfying it is to win with it.


One thought on “-SFxT 2013: Pandora Kills Collection [Compilations 1-6]-

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