-My Top 5 Games Of 2013-

2013 GOTY2013 comes to a close and it’s been an amazing year for gaming. So many awesome titles, so many fun experiences, and so many unforgettable times I’ve had. Out of all the games I’ve played I can definitely pick my top 5; games from this year will forever stick with me and are definitely my favorite games of all time. It was hard to list these games in an order and truth be told there are aspects of each game that might give them an advantage over another. Regardless I decided to make a list anyway, though you don’t have to take it as definitive. Here are my 2013 games of the year!!

5. Crysis 3

2013_crysis_3-wideUndeniably the most visually impressive game I’ve played this year, surpassing even Crysis 2 in terms of graphics. Cyrsis 3 was an action packed, tactical shooter from start to finish, with great levels and excellent attention to detail. It may not be my favorite in the series but it had enough memorable moments to be a game that’s unforgettable in its own right. The song ‘What Are You Prepared To Sacrifice’ is a particularly amazing track from the game, which is also featured on my blog for you to have a listen to. If this game is what’s achievable right now with current hardware, I can’t wait to see what the next-gen is capable of.

4. Bioshock Infinite

84459729_oA visual treat, a roller coaster ride of action, an immersive interactive experience; Bioshock Infinite is all of these things. Infinite’s my most recently played game, and I was extremely satisfied to have finally played the story all the way through. While it’s nowhere near perfect and some aspects of the story left me wanting, it was still one of the best experiences I’ve had all year. With a captivating plot and deep, detailed characters, Bioshock Infinite is a game that achieves a narrative like no other. Visually impressive, deeply engaging and satisfying.

3. Tomb Raider

1364440581_tomb-raider-2013.jpg_1369675854A game I played really late in the year but was still blown away by nonetheless; Tomb Raider is a reboot that does everything right. You really sympathize with Lara’s plight and watch her grow into the fearless survivor that she is. Heart-stopping platforming, tense action and intense set-pieces all make up this new Tomb Raider, making this one of the best action-adventure games I’ve played in a while. The graphics are also really phenomenal and the locations of the desolate island can be astounding to see. I’m really excited for the future of this series if this is the direction it’s going in.

2. Call of Duty: Ghosts

call_of_duty_ghosts_wallpaper____soldiers_by_brovvnie-d64rl6tAs I’m sure everybody who knows me realizes by now, COD Ghosts is one of my favorite in the series. It took me a while to warm up to both its story and multiplayer but after accepting it for what it is I realized how amazing the game is. A wealth of modes, infinite replay value and a genuine challenge in every aspect of its design, COD Ghosts is the complete package. It felt different to play an Infinity Ward game that’s no longer in the Modern Warfare universe but I gladly adapted to this new story and its presentation. COD Ghosts will definitely be a game I’ll play for a long time.

1. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

metal-gear-rising-revengeance-dogSlashing its way to the first spot is a game that managed to hit a lot of high notes. A clever story, unique hack n slash gameplay, endearing characters and the most rocking soundtrack I’ve heard in a while. Revengeance is a game that it’s primary concern is nothing but all-out action, highlighted by a smooth presentation and fair challenge. Platinum Games really did Raiden justice in this game by creating an experience that, while not perfect, manages to amaze at every turn. And this game wins extra points for having one of the best final boss battles I’ve ever played.

So that was my top 5 games this year, I hope you agree with any of the games listed. Remember, this is only my personal opinion and I’m not saying they were the ‘best’ games this year. That said, what’s your top 5 games of the year? Let me know in the comments section or tweet at me @JusticeSoulTuna



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