-My Top 5 Favorite Female Fighting Game Characters-

Just like with the list of my top 5 favorite male fighting game characters, these are the characters from fighting games that I won’t necessarily always play but I enjoy watching them fight and I’ll always support them in what game they appear in. To be honest, I don’t often play female characters in fighting games cause there’s few that really appeal to me all that much, so this list is populated by the 5 that really made the cut. Here’s my top 5 favorite female fighting game characters:

5. Weiss (Arcana Heart 3)

WeissAfter getting bodied a couple of times by her by a random player in the London Expo, I thought this character was really cool. When I finally bought Arcana Heart 3, I was delighted to find out that she was the main character, which was perfect for me. Weiss is one of the coolest characters in the game, she was very easy to pick up and she fits my tastes perfectly. While it’s hard to remember much about the story, I do remember Weiss being a very headstrong yet affectionate character who tried her best to fight when necessary. If I ever got to play Arcana Heart 3 again I’d definitely want to learn more with her.

4. Nina Williams (Tekken series)

NinaAn ice-cold assassin and a formidable character who has been in every Tekken title since the beginning, Nina Williams is the female figurehead of the series. I’ve always respected her style and fighting moves but didn’t enjoy playing her or playing against her. Recently, thanks to Street Fighter x Tekken, I picked her up and began to understand more about her playstyle and personality. Although I haven’t played her in Tekken much, if at all, she’s a character that’s definitely become one of my favorite in fighting games overall.

3. Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 4 Arena)

MitsuruThumbLike Yu Narukami in my other list, Persona 4 Arena was Mitsuru’s fighting game debut, and she debuted with flying colors. Persona 3’s Mitsuru Kirijo is elegant, articulate and considerably powerful, and that was just in Persona 3 alone. In Persona 4 Arena, Mitsuru brings style and grace with her sword attacks and is definitely a character to be aware of. The storyline of P4A shows that Mitsuru is a lot more than just some rich girl with flamboyant tastes, and it helped me respect the character even more. She’s not exactly the easiest character to use in P4A, but when you figure out how to utilize her she becomes one deadly package.

2. Helena Douglas (Dead or Alive series)

HelenaHelena Douglas is a lot of things: rich, powerful, smart, a singer and the leader of the DOATEC corporation, but she never lets any of that define who she is. While trying her best to handle the company in her father’s place, Helena is one of the most important characters in the DOA storyline. She tries to reconcile for the company’s corrupt mistakes and she demonstrates leadership qualities with fairness and firmness. In gameplay, she’s an incredibly fast character, with tricky mix-ups and loads of options. Her style is also quite cool, managing to balance sex appeal with traditional clothing.

1. Chun Li (Street Fighter series)

Chun LiOften regarded as the ‘first lady of fighting games’, Chun Li is the female icon of the Street Fighter series of games and appears often in other Capcom fighting game titles. Chun Li is an interpol police officer who’s always diligent in trying to take down the evil corporation Shadowloo. She’s also a fierce martial artist who uses her powerfully toned legs to deliver kicks as fast as lightning. Chun Li’s a character that I usually play for fun in each game she appears in, but might not always main her. However, I respect and appreciate her character and she’s always be the no. 1 fighting game female character to me.

So that’s my list. What do you think of these characters? Also, what are your top 5 fighting game females? Let me know in the comments section, on my Facebook or on Twitter.


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